Mom and Tots

Audience: Children (ages 2–5) and their mothers (or other caregivers)

Objective: Mothers (or other caregivers) and their preschool-age children will enjoy a creative and fun bonding experience together that instills a love for ancestors at a young age and also provides a learning time for parents.

Schedule a regular time for caregiver adults to come with their preschool-age children for a simple and fun family history activity. Prepare a variety of activities to offer and offer one or two for each time. The activities should be engaging for the children. Family history center staff can help teach the children, or this responsibility can be rotated among the adults attending the class. You may want to provide this activity when youth are out of school and can volunteer to help with the child care.

The activities will be interactive and help the children discover simple things about their ancestors. They might involve arts and crafts, games, or costumes with a family history theme. They might also include simple activities on, such as looking at the Family Tree in portrait view.

While the children are in their own class, the adults learn about Family Tree basics, photos and stories, the My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together booklet, temple submissions, or other experiences of your choosing. In the process, adults and children will discover ways to share family history with their other family members. The group of caregivers can extend their experience by scheduling a temple trip to complete the ordinances for ancestors they find as they participate in this activity.


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