Audience: Members who have established family trees with much of their ancestors’ temple work completed

Objective: Church members will use Puzzilla.org and learn to search their family tree and find ancestors ’ descendants who need temple ordinances completed. They will then be prepared to teach others to do the same.

Invite members to search Family Tree for descendants of their ancestors who need temple ordinances. Provide training on using Puzzilla as a finding tool. When members find a cousin in an ancestor’s line who needs temple ordinances, teach them how to use FamilySearch to find proof of the cousin’s relationship and corresponding information. Verify that the cousin meets the 110-year rule. Help them add the cousin’s information to Family Tree and search for possible duplicates. If no duplicates are found, help the members submit the names for temple ordinance work. Encourage the members to teach their families about finding cousins using Puzzilla software. This site is in English.