Recent Convert Night

Audience: Recent converts to the Church

Objective: Recent converts will engage in family history and receive help in preparing an ancestor’s name for submission to the temple.

Invite recent Church converts to the family history center. Invite a Church member to come with each convert; select a Church member that the convert knows and trusts. Ask the recent converts to add as much information as they know to the My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together booklet, including photos and stories. If they cannot remember family information, you can help by asking about a family story. Often this will trigger a memory about dates and places concerning a relative. Encourage the recent converts to continue working on the booklet at home, but also invite them back for additional sessions at the family history center.

When recent converts are ready, help them to:

  • Add names, photos, and stories to Family Tree.
  • Find ancestors who need temple work completed.
  • Submit the names of ancestors who qualify for temple ordinances, and then attend the temple to perform those ordinances.
  • Share their experience with others.


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