Create a Time Capsule

Audience: Families (children, youth, and adults)

Objective: Families will create a family time capsule they can take home to secure for a future time in which they will open their capsule and potentially have a heart-turning experience of remembering.

Invite families to come to the center to create a family time capsule. As part of the invitation, request that they bring a container for the actual time capsule and some items of significance they will place in their capsules. You could include some suggestions for the types of items they could bring, such as copies of snapshots from recent family events, mementoes of family trips, or copies of children’s school portraits.

The time capsule could be a large manila envelope or a folder, a box (such as a shoebox), or some other kind of container that families bring with them or that you provide.

During the activity, families gather the items and share memories about them. As part of the activity, you could invite them to write a family letter to themselves to be revealed when they open their time capsule. They could also create a list of predictions or what they want to accomplish during the coming year.

The families will take their time capsules home with them. Encourage them to place their capsule in a location they will remember and establish the date when they will open the capsule together and review the contents. For example, they might choose to open the capsule one year from the date they created it.