Understand Your Calling


As a temple and family history consultant, your primary responsibility is to proactively help members have personalized, one-on-one experiences in finding their ancestors, performing temple ordinances on behalf of those ancestors, and teaching their families to do the same. No matter what your family history experience is, you can lovingly seek out those whose lives would be blessed by family history and pray for the Lord’s guidance as you help them. As you partner with your priesthood leaders, you will receive direction on how best to fulfill these responsibilities and magnify your calling.

Start your service by having a personal family history experience of your own, led by an experienced temple and family history consultant,  and become familiar with the 6 principles for helping others to love family history. Then learn more about additional family history activities such as indexing and partner apps that enrich and support a successful family history experience.

You may also be asked to train other temple and family history consultants, serve in a family history center, or lead indexing efforts.  The resources below are designed to help you in those assignments.