Understand Your Calling

The primary responsibility of all temple and family history consultants is to give personalized help to leaders and families, enabling them to:

Find the names of deceased ancestors, and gather their families on both sides of the veil.


Take the names to the temple, and provide necessary ordinances for them.


Teach their family members and others to do the same.


Begin with Your Own Experience

Whether you have done genealogy for 50 years or 5 minutes, you should begin your calling with personal experience. This experience will help you:

  • Increase in your conversion to the gospel.
  • Prepare you for what you will do to help others.

Your personal experience with family history should be mentored by an experienced temple and family history consultant who will teach you using the following principles.

  1. Prepare Spiritually
  2. Discover Their Goals
  3. Gain Access to Their Family Tree
  4. Prepare and Deliver a Personalized Experience
  5. Help Members Take Their Names to the Temple
  6. Find Others to Teach

As you begin to teach others, these principles will help you feel the spirit of Elijah. The Holy Ghost will bear witness of the truths in this work and guide your family history efforts.

Additional Resources

Your calling may extend beyond helping members in one-on-one experiences. You may be asked to train other temple and family history consultants, serve in a family history center, or lead indexing efforts.