Recruit and Train Volunteers



There is a growing need for additional volunteers to make more records searchable. As a temple and family history consultant, you have the opportunity to invite others to participate in FamilySearch indexing and train them how. Below are some ways to recruit and train volunteers.

Recruiting Ideas

  • Ask your priesthood leaders for their direction on who might be a good fit for indexing.
  • Actively seek out individuals to invite to try indexing. “Can I show you how to index?”
  • Talk with auxiliary presidents and offer to train members on indexing for a family history activity.

Training Suggestions

  • Meet with new indexing volunteers one-on-one and help them with their first batch or two. Share the resources on Getting Started with Indexing with them.
  • Teach indexing to a group in a fun, social setting. Train helpers ahead of time so that the attendees can receive personal one-on-one assistance during the class.
  • Help new indexers understand the importance of why we index.
  • Encourage new indexing volunteers to set a goal to index five batches and to ask for help as needed. This will give them the best foundation for getting started.

Additional Resources