Getting Started with Indexing



Desktop Indexing

Getting Started

To get started as a new indexer, go to, and follow the instructions there. Review the indexing basics section for helpful resources to get you started for the first time.

Additional Training

As indexers become more experienced, they may want to continue challenging themselves by getting started in new areas. These may include:

  • Indexing more difficult projects
  • Work on other languages besides their native tongue
  • Do arbitration and review

See below for resources to help experienced indexers get started in these areas.

Web Indexing

FamilySearch will soon begin to release the new web indexing program to stakes and wards throughout the world. Once you have learned to index in the desktop indexing program, get started in the web-based program here. You should now have access to web indexing, or you can gain access through this link.

Learn more about the transition to the web indexing program here.

Additional Resources