Sunday Lesson: Family History Stories


Depending on the needs of your ward, you may want to show and discuss the following videos: 

Watch: Because of James (recommended for wards with a large primary)



Discussion Questions:

Q: What insights does this video provide on the ability of young children to understand and participate in temple and family history work?
A: Children are capable of understanding family history principles and can organize and carry out family history efforts.  

Q: How did James’ parents support him in his efforts? 
A:  James’ parents took his desire to do family history work seriously and arranged for the family history consultants to come to their house. The parents also ensured that the temple work was completed for the ancestors that James identified.

Q: How can we help young children in our ward become involved in family history work?
A: Primary and Cub Scout leaders can prepare activities and sharing time lessons on family history topics. Youth family history consultants can be called and assigned to help younger children.  Parents can use family home evening time to share family stories. 

Watch: Including Me (recommended for wards with a large number of blended families)



Discussion Questions:

Q: Heavenly Father answers the prayers of young children. How did Hanna’s prayers influence her father?  Her family as a whole?
A: Her father’s heart was touched, and he decided to partake of temple blessings. Her brothers and sisters also started praying that their family could be sealed. The family was sealed together in the temple.  

Q: Hanna’s father mentioned that when children learn about their ancestors, it gives them “a sense of who they are.”  What do you think this means, and why is it important to children?
A:  During trying situations children can draw strength from stories of their ancestors who met difficult challenges.     

Watch: Finding Our Cousins: Using New Tools on (recommended for wards with members who have very full trees)



You can also view a handout for this video that provides more information on how to find cousins with the new tools on