FamilySearch Support Missionary

A collection of online resources to help you fulfill your calling.

Role and Responsibilities

Serve a family history mission from home! As a FamilySearch Church-service missionary, you will assist patrons as they work to identify their ancestors and link them into families. You will provide guidance to and answers for patrons who contact FamilySearch by phone, chat, e-mail, or social media.

All service is done in your home using your own computer and telephone. You will receive online training on the tools you will use for this assignment. The training will be based on an area of specialty such as family history centers, FamilySearch Family Tree, FamilySearch indexing, FamilySearch Wiki, or research assistance. After training, you will join a missionary team working in the specialty area of support.

Core Training for Your Calling

Getting Started with Your Family History

  1. Getting Started Videos: Watch a series of “how-to” videos to help you get started with family history.
  2. Temple and Family History Course Materials: Access a beginning-level class designed to help Church members start their family history research and perform temple ordinances on their behalf.
  3. Family Tree Training: View training resources to help you prepare and submit names to the temple using the Family Tree. (Note: we don’t want to launch this resource until after the tree is live, which should hopefully be within the next week or two.)

Understanding Your Mission

FamilySearch Support Standard and Process: Study the FamilySearch Support Standard and Process so you will understand how to provide a consistent, quality experience for all patrons who contact FamilySearch Support.

Understanding Your Mission: Family History Department: This lesson will help you understand your role in relation to the Family History Department’s purpose and direction. 

Understanding Your Mission: FamilySearch Missionaries—Serving the World: This lesson will help you understand that as a FamilySearch missionary, you will assist many different types of patrons in many different circumstances and that FamilySearch missionaries serve around the world.

Quality Assurance Overview: This lesson will help you understand the quality assurance process of gathering information about the effectiveness and efficiency of answers given to patrons who contact FamilySearch Support.

Core Systems Tools

Amdocs CRM: Learn how to use the Amdocs CRM (customer relationship management) tool to record information about patrons and their questions.

inContact Phone System: Learn how to use the inContact phone tool to answer, route, and track telephone calls from FamilySearch Support patrons.

inContact Chat: This lesson will help you understand the inContact chat tool that allows FamilySearch missionaries to have a real-time text chat with FamilySearch Support patrons.

Skype: Learn how to use Skype, an Internet-based communications tool, to communicate with mission leaders and other FamilySearch missionaries. Skype is also used to give and receive help on questions from FamilySearch patrons.

Social Media: This lesson will help you understand how social media works and how to use social media to respond to family history questions.

TeamViewer: This lesson instructs you how to assist patrons with family history and technical problems using the TeamViewer Remote Access and Support software.

Basic Computer Skills: Do you need a little help with basic computer skills? Use this lesson to practice keyboard and mouse functions.

Family History and Genealogy Resources

5-Minute Genealogy: This video series is all about helping you quickly discover your family history. Each episode will guide you through basic research principles that will help you have success finding your ancestors. 

FamilySearch Learning Center: FamilySearch offers a variety of free classes online to help you discover your family tree. Whether you are just beginning your family history research or are an experienced genealogist, you can learn something new.

FamilySearch Research Wiki: The FamilySearch Research Wiki is a free collection of family history articles provided by family history enthusiasts from around the world. This six-lesson online course teaches you how to search for, create, and edit wiki articles. Note: This course may take a few minutes to load.