Sunday Gospel Instruction


Young Women Curriculum

Young women gather each Sunday to increase their gospel understanding, to recognize how the gospel answers their daily questions, and to have opportunities to feel the Spirit, teach one another, and share their testimonies.

You can help young women learn by faith as you provide them opportunities to act upon their faith as they live the standards in For the Strength of Youth and follow promptings of the Holy Ghost.

  • Show love and sincere concern for those you teach.
  • Seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost in preparing and teaching lessons.
  • Use the scriptures (especially the Book of Mormon), the teachings of latter-day prophets, and approved curriculum materials to teach and testify of the doctrines of the gospel.
  • Invite diligent learning. Encourage class members to be responsible for their own gospel learning as individuals, in their families, and during class instruction.
  • Emphasize virtue, purity, worthiness, and the standards outlined in For the Strength of Youth.
  • Teach and testify through your example.

Additional Teaching Resources