Supplemental Resources for Lesson 13

The People of King Limhi and the People of Alma

Please prayerfully review the lesson from the Primary lesson manual before considering the following supplemental resources.


English only:

  • “Praying with Patience” (October 2011 Friend)
    After her family moves to Venezuela, Jessie learns that Heavenly Father answers prayers in His own time.
  • “Maria’s Medal” (February 2009 Friend)
    A girl passes through many trials while preparing for a gymnastics exhibition.
  • “All Kinds of Cake” (June 2007 Friend)
    Lucius learns from his mother’s example when she chooses to have a good attitude despite a racist incident.
  • “Summer Serenade” (July 2003 Friend)
    Charlie has a hard time seeing Heavenly Father’s blessings when his father is badly injured.
  • “Peanut Race” (May 1996 Friend)
    Rose could have won the race—if she hadn’t given up because others were making fun of her.


  • “The Choice to Be Grateful” (December 2011 Liahona)
    The hidden picture activity at the end of President Henry B. Eyring's message invites children to look for their blessings.
  • “Make a Doorknob Tag” (January 2010 Liahona and Friend)
    List your blessings on this colorful doorknob hanger.

English only: