Supplemental Resources for Lesson 1

The Book of Mormon, a Gift from a Loving Heavenly Father

Please prayerfully review the lesson from the Primary lesson manual before considering the following supplemental resources.


  • “Scriptures in a Suitcase” (June 2004 Liahona and Friend)
    A girl has a missionary opportunity by taking her Book of Mormon to read at a school camp.

English only:



English only:

  • Video: Doctrine and Covenants Stories, “Chapter 3: The Angel Moroni and the Gold Plates: 1823–1827”: Windows Media Player | QuickTime
  • Video: “For Little Friends, January 2010: Teaching Tanner’s Teacher”:
    When Tanner teaches his teacher about the gold plates, she asks to learn more about the special book.Windows Media Player
  • Video: A Year on Temple Square Collection, “The Church History Library”
    Many prophets protected the gold plates until Joseph Smith’s day. This video shows where the Church keeps records today.: Windows Media Player