Weekly Thoughts and Tips

December 2017


A World of Light, Not Stress

December 12, 2017

Friend magazine

We hope you’ve noticed the beautiful Nativity calendar in the center of this month’s Friend magazine. We also hope it doesn’t stress you out! Each day doesn’t need to be a major holiday production. Taking a minute to read a scripture and color a star will help your family stay focused on Jesus Christ. Then, if you have extra time, check out other #LightTheWorld activities and videos at Mormon.org. Either way, don’t feel bad if you can’t “do it all”! The most important thing to focus on this holiday season is love.

Sharing Your Christmas Testimony

By Kim Webb Reid
December 1, 2017

Mother reading to a child

Your little ones will feel something special this season when you give them the most meaningful gift of all—your testimony of the Savior.

Here are some ideas:

  • To make a child-friendly Nativity set, glue drawings or illustrations from Church magazines to cardboard or blocks. Let your child play with the set while you read about the Nativity from the scriptures (see Luke 2:1–20).
  • Make a paper-chain countdown. On the links write the titles of songs that tell the story of Jesus’s birth. Listen to or sing one song each night.
  • Light candles at dinner or sit around the Christmas tree before bedtime. Point out that we feel warm, peaceful, and happy when we think about Jesus.
  • Remind your little ones about whose birthday we celebrate on Christmas and what we often do for birthdays—we give! Help your family simplify their wish lists by reading the story of the Wise Men. How many gifts did Jesus receive? The Wise Men brought a few thoughtful gifts filled with love.