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  • “A Well-Educated Man” (February 2005 Liahona and Friend)
    President David O. McKay (1873–1970) worked hard to gain an education.
  • “Becoming a Bible Scholar” (March 2006 Friend and Liahona)
    President Wilford Woodruff was homesick when he first started school, but he soon found joy in learning.
  • “The Best Test I Ever Failed” (January 2015 Friend)
    A girl learns that she has to study for a test in addition to praying for help.
  • “Learning to Read” (September 2012 Liahona and Friend )
    Elder Larry R. Lawrence of the Seventy learned to read from his father. Elder Lawrence later gained a testimony from reading a book by an Apostle.
  • “Our Page” (July 2010 Friend )
    Features a child from Malay who worked hard to improve his class ranking.
  • “The Glory of God Is Intelligence” (October 2007 Liahona and Friend)
    Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shares how learning helps us choose the right.
  • “When I Grow Up…I Want to Be a Chef” (February 2015 Friend)
    Brad Petersen says cooking food is a great way to be a missionary.
  • "Writing it Right" (September 2013 Friend and Liahona)
    After a confusing religion lesson at school, Cara decides to write the truth about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.


  • Family Home Evening Idea: Reading
    President Hinckley (1910–2008) said, “How marvelous a thing is a good book!” Why do you think reading is important? Have each family member give a short book report on his or her favorite book. Read the “Family Reading Activities” (May 2005 Friend ) and plan to carry out some of them.
  • “Finding Amigos” (September 2013 Friend)
    After her family moves to Spain, Rachel struggles to make new friends.
  • “Question Corner” (September 2013 Friend)
    My big sister used to be my best friend. But now she's too busy with her school friends, and she doesn't want to play with me anymore. How can we be friends again?
  • “Ready-for-School Backpack” (September 2013 Friend)
    A poster with colorful tips and snacks for a new school year.