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  • “Be Thou an Example” (November 2010 Friend)
    Decipher this code to find out how you can be an example
  • “Coloring Page: Following Jesus” (January 2015 Friend)
    Children follow the Savior by sharing and helping other children.
  • Coloring Page: “Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.” (April 2011 Friend)
  • Coloring Page: “Jesus Christ is the perfect example to me.” (April 2012 Friend)
  • “Family Fun Time: Social Skills” (January 2015 Friend)
    A fun role-playing game and recipe for family night.
  • Family Home Evening Idea: Being Good Examples
    Read “Set upon a Hill” (July 2009 Liahona and Friend) by President Gordon B. Hinckley (1910–2008) . Why does the temple remind him of a city set on a hill? How can we be like a city set on a hill? When we live righteously, we have the Holy Ghost with us and it shows in the way we act, look, and feel. Discuss ways to be good examples.
  • Family Home Evening Idea: Example
    Read “Treehouse” (August 2003 Friend). Have there ever been times when people around you were being disobedient and it was hard for you to be a good example? Discuss how Jordan reacts and how you could follow his example in similar situations.
  • Family Home Evening Idea: Real Heroes
    Invite a family member to read “Hero” (October 2005 Liahona and Friend). Discuss what it means to be a real hero. Give each family member a bookmark containing “My Gospel Standards” (October 2005 Liahona and Friend). Go through the standards. Would a person with the strength and courage to live those standards be a hero? Resolve to be such a person.
  • “Getting Ready for Easter” (March 2015 Friend and Liahona)
    A count-down activity to help you get ready for Easter.
  • “Let Your Light Shine” (October 2007 Friend)
    A hidden word puzzle.
  • “Sharing Time: I Can Share the Gospel Now” (November 2005 Friend)
    Includes a printable box that reminds families how they can be missionaries now.
  • “Sharing Time: Let Your Light Shine” (October 1999 Liahona and Friend)
    Includes a printable puzzle about being a good example.
  • “You Are Super!” (November 2016 Friend)
    Cut out these reminders and quotes of how you can be super in different ways.