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  • “A Hug for Jennifer” (July 2011 Friend)
    A young girl finds comfort in prayer after her siblings hurt her feelings.
  • “A Happy Helper” (November 2010 Friend)
    Roxanne learns to control her anger and find happiness instead.
  • “Birthday Party Gossip” (August 2002 Friend)
    Amy tells how she felt when her friends were making fun of someone.
  • “Choose the Light” (March 2012 Liahona and Friend)
    Elder Gerrit W. Gong talks about how he feels in the temple.
  • “Cora’s Bad Day” (January 2009 Friend)
    Cora learns that she must decide whether she is having a bad day or a good day.
  • “Comforting Lucy” (September 2009 Friend)
    A girl feels sad when her grandma passes away.
  • “Feeling Scared? Try This!” (November 2009 Friend)
    Some things to try the next time you feel scared.
  • “I Have Feelings” (October 1995 Liahona and February 1995 Friend)
    A young girl describes the different ways she shows her feelings.
  • “Maddie’s Grumpy Afternoon” (September 2009 Friend)
    Maddie apologizes for complaining and being grumpy while the family runs errands.
  • “The Happy Book” (February 2006 Liahona and Friend)
    Morgan makes a happy book to help her sister who is sad because she didn’t win anything in the science fair.
  • “Things Will Get Better” (September 2010 Liahona and Friend)
    Elliott feels bad after his first day at a new school.
  • “Vitamin L” (March 2010 Friend)
    Anne learns what do to when she is angry with her sister.