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  • “Kelsey Makes a Mistake” (July 2012 Liahona and Friend)
    A picture story about a girl who helps her mom around the house to apologize for making a mess.
  • “Leute’s Home” (August 2012 Liahona and Friend)
    A Samoan girl shows how her home is centered on Jesus Christ.
  • “Love at Home” (September 2004 Liahona and Friend)
    Families work together to strengthen home and family. Includes a puzzle activity.

English only

  • “A Happy Home” (November 2009 Friend)
    Think about the things you can do to make your house a happy home. Includes a puzzle activity.
  • “Clean-up Claire” (May 2008 Friend)
    A young girl feels frustrated when her parents frequently ask her to help clean the house.
  • “Showing Love” (June 2011 Friend)
    Trevor learns from his father the importance of serving his family and keeping the house tidy.


English only

  • “A Happy Home” (November 2009 Friend)
    Put together puzzle pieces of a house to learn some things you can do to make your home a happy place.
  • “Animal Homes Double Puzzle” (October 1995 Friend)
    Match each animal with it’s home, then find the name of each home in the word search.
  • “Going Home!” (June 1979 Friend)
    A matching game about animals and their habitats.
  • “Home Sweet Home” (October 1982 Friend)
    Match each person with the home or place he would most likely spend his time.
  • “Homes” (February 1988 Friend)
    A poem and cutouts about animals and where they live.


English only