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  • Family Home Evening Idea: Miracles
    What is a miracle? Discuss examples from the scriptures, your family history, or your life. Then read “A Miraculous Escape from Danger” (June 2007 Liahona and Friend). What dangers and challenges exist in the world you face? Think of this story the next time you are confronted with a bad situation. Remember that the Lord hears prayers and can help you anytime, anywhere.
  • “Joseph’s Travels Blessed With Miracles” (August 2008 Friend) Color the figures of Joseph Smith, mount them on heavy paper, and cut them out. Click here for the accompanying story.
  • “Many Mighty Miracles” (August 2015 Friend and Liahona)
    Match the scripture references with the pictures of Christ’s miracles. Includes a summary of the story of Jesus and Lazarus.