• “Article of Faith 13” (December 2011 Friend)
    Fill in the blanks to identify the attributes in this article of faith.
  • “Book of Fourth Nephi” (September 1988 Friend)
    Complete the sentences describing what happened in the Fourth Book of Nephi with the most correct word from the list.
  • “City of Enoch” (December 1994 Friend)
    Crack the code to find out why the people in the city of Enoch were so righteous.
  • “Peace in America” (September 1988 Friend)
    Draw a circle around the words that relate to peace and happiness.
  • “Peace Letter Square” (November 1994 Friend)
    Find the words to this scripture about peace in this word search.
  • “Sharing Time: Peaceful Nauvoo” (August-September 1984 Friend)
    The City of Nauvoo is a city of peace. The children can take a tour through the city and learn of its special and peaceful elements.