Messages from Leaders

  • “Don’t Delay” (June 2004 Friend)
    President Henry B. Eyring teaches about daily repentance.
  • “How can repenting help me feel happy?” (December 2017 Liahona and Friend)
    Elder Dale G. Renlund shares some thoughts about repentance. Includes a story of when Elder Renlund set off a firecracker at church as a child.
  • “How do I repent?” (March 2010 Friend)

    Elder Russell M. Nelson shares his thoughts on repentance.
  • “Live Without Regret” (February 2007 Friend)
    Elder Richard G. Hinckley shares his regret when he stole some scrap wood with some friends.
  • “Parable of the Dandelion” (June 2016 Friend)
    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf teaches a parable about recognizing our own sins instead of finding faults in others.
  • “Renewing Our Covenants” (August 1999 Friend)

    Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shares his thoughts on repenting.
  • “Returning Safely to Heavenly Father” (April 2009 Liahona and Friend)
    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf shares an airplane analogy to explain making choices and repenting.
  • “The Sacrament and Repentance” (June 2002 Friend)
    Elder Dallin H. Oaks connects the importance of the sacrament in the repentance process.
  • “Spring Cleaning” (March 2004 Liahona and Friend)
    When President Gordon B. Hinckley (1910–2008) was a boy, his family cleaned their house from top to bottom every spring. We, too, can know the joy of being clean through the Savior.
  • “What if I feel like I don’t measure up?” (March 2017 Liahona and Friend)
    Elder Jeffrey R. Holland encourages us to keep trying, even when we make mistakes. Includes a story from the life of Elder Holland.


  • “Abuelo’s Shoe Shop” (March 2018 Friend)
    Miguel feels bad after taking a candy from his grandpa’s shop without asking, but then he tells the truth and feels better.
  • “Alma Baptizes Many People” (April 2016 Liahona and Friend)
    A retelling for young children about Alma the Elder repenting, teaching others, and baptizing them. Includes a coloring page.
  • “Alma Repented” (April 2016 Liahona and Friend)
    A Book of Mormon hero card and some basic information about Alma the Elder.
  • “Back on the Trail” (February 2018 Friend)
    Danilo thinks he can go down an unknown trail by himself, but soon learns he needs help to get back to safety.
  • “Beeline to the Truth” (January 2012 Friend)

    Josh feels better when he confesses that he did something wrong.
  • “The Big-Brother Trap!” (March 2014 Friend)
    Megan learns she should forgive instead of trying to get even.
  • “Broken Trust” (April 2009 Friend)
    Melinda decides to tell the truth and apologize for breaking a glass figurine.
  • “Chihuahuas and Choices” (May 2014 Friend)
    A story about a girl choose to obey her mom even when it means going against her friend.
  • “Clean Again” (October 2006 Liahona and Friend)

    A girl makes a mistake shortly after her baptism, but she learns she can repent.
  • “Cleaning Up Dirt Clods” (September 2013 Friend)
    Gabi feels bad after throwing dirt clods in her neighbor’s driveway.
  • “Enos Repents” (April 2012 Friend)
    Retelling of the story of Enos and his process of repentance.
  • For Parents of Little Ones: “Learning to Apologize”(August 2017 Friend)
    Ideas for how to teach young children how to apologize when they’ve done something wrong.
  • “A Great Feeling” (March 2017 Liahona and Friend)
    Paulo wants to feel clean again after he makes a mistake only a day after his baptism.
  • “The Heavy Backpack” (June 2013 Friend)
    Jay gets behind in school and the lies he tells to cover it up have become a heavy burden. He apologizes to his mother when she learns the truth.
  • “I Can Say I’m Sorry” (November 2012 Friend)
    Examples for young children of ways to say sorry and correct mistakes.
  • “I Choose the Right When I Am Baptized and Confirmed a Member of the Church” (May 2012 Friend)
    Abigail repents after being unkind to a girl at school. Includes an activity to find words that have to do with repentance in a word jumble.
  • “Jesus Teaches about Finding Those Who Are Lost”(July 2011 Friend)
    A retelling of three New Testament parables, including the story of the prodigal son.
  • “The Joy of Repentance” (May 2001 Friend)

    This page includes a testimony from a young man about he feels after repenting and asking for forgiveness.
  • “Kelsey Makes a Mistake” (July 2012 Liahona and Friend)
    A wordless story for young children about a girl apologizing to her mom after spilling nail polish on the carpet. Includes two simple activities.
  • “King Benjamin’s People Repent” (June 2012 Friend)
    A retelling of the story of King Benjamin teaching his people to repent and to make a covenant.
  • “Leaving Bad Behind” (August 2012 Friend)
    Jenny learns how to feel clean again after she attends a party and watches a movie that was against her standards.
  • “Lucas and the Bully” (January 2018 Liahona and Friend)
    Lucas stands up to a bully by saying mean things about him, but then Lucas repents for being mean and tries to befriend the bully instead.
  • “Making Things Rights” (April 2012 Friend)
    After Melissa colors on the school bathroom walls, she says she is sorry and works hard to clean up the mess.
  • “Matt and Mandy” (September 2016 Friend)
    Mandy repents and makes things better after treating a friend poorly.
  • “McKay and the Whale” (January 2006 Friend)
    A young boy confesses a wrongdoing to his parents and says he is sorry.
  • “The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy” (April 2014 Friend)
    Matt and Mandy’s family learn about repentance.
  • “The No-Fighting Promise” (August 2018 Liahona and Friend)
    Timmy and his cousin Madi get into a fight when playing together but then decide to bury their paper weapons like the Anti-Nephi-Lehis.
  • “Not at Home, Not Anywhere” (July 2015 Friend)
    Carter decides not to swear anymore.
  • “The Note” (May 2010 Friend)
    Hannah apologizes after writing bad things about a girl in a note to her friend.
  • “Our Page” (August 2011 Liahona)
    Features a boy from West Malaysia who testifies that we, like Alma the Younger, can repent and feel joy again.
  • “Practically Popular” (March 2018 Friend)
    La-Neisha decides to repent and ask her friend for forgiveness after she ignores her to be friends with the popular girls.
  • “The Rocket Fiasco” (August 2017 Friend)
    Andrew tries to make things right after he doesn’t wait for his dad to help him build a model rocket and causes damage to a neighbor’s car.
  • “Showing Sorry” (November 2009 Friend)
    Eli learns how to show that he is sorry, instead of just saying so. Includes a simple activity for young children.
  • “The Sparkly Sticker” (September 2017 Friend)
    Emily feels bad after she and her friends make fun of a boy in their class. She talks to her mom about it and decides to repent.
  • “The Stolen Soda” (February 2014 Friend)
    Annette repents after her friend convinces her to steal a soda.
  • “Sweeter Than Ice Cream” (March 2014 Friend)
    A girl practices repentance as she partakes of the sacrament.
  • “A Teacher Cared” (September 2003 Liahona and Friend)
    A Primary teacher helps her class to apologize after they hurt a class member’s feelings.
  • “Toy-Truck Trouble” (October 2018 Friend)
    Nate takes someone else’s toy trucks, but then he feels bad and apologizes. For young children.
  • “The Watermelon Thieves” (August 2015 Friend)
    Joseph and his friends stole a prize watermelon and later repented of their bad choice.
  • “You Can Repent and Forgive” (August 2015 Friend and Liahona)
    A page about how to repent and forgive.


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