• “Blessed and Healed” (January 2009 Friend)
    Elder Anthony D. Perkins tells about how he had a hip disease when he was a child.
  • “Challenges in Missouri” (July 2013 Liahona and Friend)
    Tells of some of the trials the early members of the Church faced in Missouri.
  • “Dear Gracie” (November 2015 Friend)
    Gracie is comforted about her upcoming surgery when she makes friends with an older girl who also has spina bifida.
  • “Give Thanks for Everything” (January 2010 Friend )
    President Thomas S. Monson teaches how we can be happy in life by being grateful, even when we face challenges.
  • “Grumbling Peter” (April 2009 Friend )
    Peter’s life has become hard since his baby twin brothers were born, but he learns in Primary that Jesus loves him.
  • “Holding onto Hope” (March 2016 Friend)
    Emma stands tall by continuing to be strong even while battling leukemia.
  • “I Can Do Hard Things” (March 2010 Friend )
    Jon is struggling in school, but he learns that he can do hard things.
  • “Joseph’s Experiences in Jail” (October 2008 Liahona and Friend)
    A retelling of the story of Joseph Smith’s experience in Liberty Jail.
  • “Liberty Jail” (September 1997 Friend )
    A telling of what happened at Liberty Jail from the Prophet Joseph Smith’s own account.
  • “March of Zion’s Camp” (May 1993 Friend )
    A retelling of the story of Zion’s Camp from Church history.
  • “Maria’s Medal” (February 2009 Friend )
    A girl learns that adversity can make her strong after she gets a disease that makes it so she can’t move very much.
  • “Missing Dad” (September 2011 Friend )
    Jaylee is sad because her parents are divorced and she misses her dad, but she finds comfort when she prays.
  • “My Gratitude List” (November 2009 Friend )
    Christina learns that even though her family has had trials she can still find many things to be grateful for.
  • “My Miracle” (August 2016 Friend)
    Jonah F., age 11, talks about how it was a miracle for him that the doctor’s discovered he has type 1 diabetes.
  • “Persecutions in Missouri” (June 1997 Liahona and July 1993 Friend)
    A retelling of some of the trials the early members of the Church faced in Missouri.
  • “Prayers and Potatoes” (January 2014 Friend)
    Patrick learns that difficulties help us grow so we can become more like Heavenly Father.
  • “Question Corner” (May 2013 Friend )
    Heavenly Father sometimes helps me with small things, but why doesn’t He always help with bigger things, like healing someone who has a serious sickness?
  • “The Rose Garden” (April 2005 Liahona and Friend)
    Mike is sad after his mom dies and asks Heavenly Father to help him.
  • “The Stuttering Struggle” (November 2015 Friend)
    Nathaniel has a stuttering problem and is afraid when asked to narrate the Primary program, but he finds courage through practice and prayer.
  • “Sweeter Than Pie” (November 2015 Friend)
    Tally is sad when she gets sick and has to miss the Thanksgiving party at school, but then she remembers to be grateful.
  • “Trials for Joseph and Emma” (September 2008 Liahona and Friend)
    The story of the trials faced by Joseph and Emma in the early days of the Church.
  • “Trouble in Adventure Forest” (April 2018 Friend)
    After burning his feet, Owen learns that Heavenly Father doesn’t always stop bad things from happening, but He helps us get through them.
  • “What can we do when hard things happen to us?” (May 2012 Friend )
    Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shares some thoughts on this subject.
  • “What should I do if I can’t stop feeling sad all the time?” (November 2015 Friend)
    Elder Jeffrey R. Holland shares ideas and encouragement for children going through hard times. Includes a story about when Elder Holland was a young father and had some trials.


  • “Journal Page” (August 2002 Friend)
    A page that you can fill out to talk about some of the challenges you’ve gone through.
  • “Joseph and Emma’s Trials” (September 2008 Friend )
    Color and cut out these figures to use in telling about some of the trials that Joseph and Emma faced in the early days of the Church.
  • “Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail” (October 2008 Friend )
    Color and cut out these figured to use in telling the story of Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail.
  • “Tender Mercies” (November 2015 Friend)
    An activity for remembering the blessings Heavenly Father sends us every day. Includes a recipe for spiced nuts.