Lethbridge Family History Classes

  • 8-29 April 2013
8-29 April 2013
Lethbridge, Alberta

During the month of April, the Lethbridge Family History Centre is offering nine exciting classes to help you research for your ancestors, capture their photos and record their stories!

Each class has a video overview which you can view here http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxwCF48KIo71G2VYiLaPk3bPKPbkTESCL.

Come learn with us!

Monday April 8: 2pm Drilling Down Through Ancestry.com
Did you know you can use Ancestry.com for FREE at the Lethbridge Family HIstory Centre? You can! But if you are new to Ancestry, you might be frustrated at the amount of results you get. This class will show you how to 'drill down' using Ancestry's powerful filters to find your ancestor's information fast!

Thursday April 11: 7pm Googling Your Family HIstory
The Internet is an ocean of information! Buried in its depths are clues to your heritage. In this class you will learn tips and tricks to use the Google search engine, as well as Google Images, Maps, Books, Scholar, Patent and Scholar searches. We'll also introduce you to Google Alerts--a nifty service that researches for you while you sleep and delivers the goods to your inbox!

Monday April 15: 2pm Ancestral Quest Intermediate
Ancestral Quest is a great family tree software program that is FamilySearch certified! For those who have taken the beginner's course we are now offering an intermediate class. Come learn about some of the advanced features!

Wednesday April 17: 7pm What is A Cloud and How to Use It In Family History
You've heard of 'the cloud' before? That nebulous region 'somewhere out there' where things go when you click a button on your computer, phone or tablet? Find out what that's all about and how to use it with your family history.

Thursday April 18: 7pm Family Tree Introduction
Would you like to have a central site online to share information, photos and stories about your ancestors with other family members? Want an easy way to collaborate with family around the world on your shared ancestry? Ready to submit some ancestors for temple work? Then come to the Family Tree Introduction class and learn all about FamilySearch's Family Tree!

Monday April 22: 2pm RootsMagic Getting Started
RootsMagic (like Ancestral Quest) is another great family tree program that is FamilySearch Certified! Come learn how to use it today!

Wednesday April 24: 7pm How To Tell The Stories
This classes draws on the writing advice of many authors--from L.M. Montgomery to Jane Yolen to Jean Little! Learn tips and tricks for making family history stories come alive for all age groups.

Thursday April 25: 7pm How To Use The Flip Pal Scanner
The Flip-pal scanner is quickly becoming a staple in many family historian's homes. A compact, battery-operated scanner, it can save the scans directly to an SD card just like a digital camera! This class shows you how to use it! Please bring your own Flip-Pal (if you have one) and some photos for some hands-on work.

Monday April 29: 2pm First Time Family History Research --How to Get Started
They've passed on. They left memories, photos and various documents. But what do you do with them? How do you organize them? How do you find previous generations? Come to this class and learn how to get started!

Pre-register: by calling 403-328-0206 or at the Family History Centre.
Location: Lethbridge Family History Centre, 1912-10 Ave South, Lethbridge (South entrance).