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Jackie Evancho to Perform at Conference Center Concert

  • November 9, 2013
9 November 2013
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Music and art prodigies Jackie Evancho and Aelita Andre will be featured along with Mark Wood, Michael Martin Murphey, and other performers at the “We Are Hope” concert November 9, 2013, at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

Tickets are now on sale for “We Are Hope,” an evening of music presented by the MuzArt World Foundation and featuring performances by child prodigy Jackie Evancho and other artists, orchestras, and choirs. The concert is scheduled for November 9, 2013, at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

The Church has made the LDS Conference Center available for use by the Muzart World Foundation, an organization that promotes innovative educational methods and music education in public schools.

The “We Are Hope” concert will be recorded and then used to raise funds for a program aimed at improving public education and funding new art and music programs in public schools.

Mark Wood, a world-renowned string master and an original member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, will also perform at the concert with a global virtual symphony string orchestra. Multi-platinum recording artist Michael Martin Murphey is teaming up with 11-year-old Lexi Walker from Sandy, Utah, whose performance of the national anthem before a Real soccer match went viral on YouTube. Other featured artists include Champaign, singer songwriter Sheila Ray Charles, rising country music start Nathan Osmond, Crystal Singing Bowl Master from Crystal Tones Lupito, the award-winning American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Masa Fukuda and the One Voice Children’s Choir, and the Landfill Harmonic.

The event will also feature artwork by Australian child artist Aelita Andre, some of whose abstract expressionist artwork will be auctioned after the event.

The organization’s website at states that Salt Lake City has been chosen as the birthplace of this initiative as “the event is specifically designed to inspire the audience, both those present in the building and watching live throughout the world, to an appreciation of all things ‘virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy,’ motivating them to join the MuzArt World Foundation in taking positive action to improve the lives of the children in their communities, across the nation, and around the world.”

“We Are Hope” is the first of a nationwide series of concerts designed to bring positive attention to the nation’s public schools and to demonstrate how everyone can work together to improve the quality of education through new, innovative teaching methods, music, and parental involvement.

According to director Pat Melfi, music and the arts speak to every heart in every language, contributing to the development of the whole child. His goal is to “mobilize parents and get them to realize it’s their responsibility to educate their children—not the schools, not church leaders, not the government.” With the current dropout rate in U.S. schools, he said, “We’re approaching an education disaster if nothing changes.”

Melfi and codirector Ken Kragen have worked in the music industry for 30 years, creating and producing events such as “We Are the World,” “Hands Across America,” “Live Aid,” and “USA for Africa.”

Ticket prices range from $25-$38 and will be sold at the Conference Center ticket office, by phone at 801-570-0080, or online at

“Muzart’s mission is to conduct public awareness campaigns across Utah and America about the vital role music and arts plays in developing children as whole human beings,“ said Melfi, who is also the founder of the MuzArt World Foundation. ”While we know Conference Center events are normally free, your generous support through ticket sales will make it possible to capture the concert on video and share it in future campaigns.”