Special Multi Stake Conferences (EFY)

Contributed By Mike Rigby

  • 3rd April 2013
5-17 August 2013
East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham University, Nottingham

This years registrations for those stakes/missions who have been invited to attend  SMYC (EFY) will take place between 25th February and the 13th April.

This can be done by going to www.efy-europe.org and following directions provided by clicking on participants registrations found on the left hand menu.  We would invite all young men and young women who are eligable to, to attend this life changing event.  You will also find on the site contact details of your stakes local representative who is there to help you with any concerns you may have regarding registering.

Invited Mission Areas to this years sessions are: 

- Leeds/Scotland Ireland Missions including Chester Stake  5th - 10th August 2013

- London South and Manchester Missions (excluding Chester Stake)  12th - 17th August 2013

Both SMYC/EFY sessions will be held at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham University, Nottingham

Be sure to register and once again be part of what many have already shared in.  A true climate of revelation.  The theme for this year is Stand In Holy Places.