2017 Auxiliary Leader Training Resources Now on LDS.org

Contributed By Larry Richman, Church News contributor

  • 3 February 2017

A Relief Society auxiliary training meeting in the Natal Brazil Pajuçara Stake.

Online training materials that stake and ward auxiliary leaders can use to train leaders and teachers in their organizations have been updated and are now available at annualtraining.lds.org.

These resources are also available on the specific auxiliary pages on LDS.org (click Serve and Teach and then make a selection under Callings).

Stake and district auxiliary leaders may wish to consider these resources as they counsel with their priesthood leaders regarding annual stake auxiliary leadership meetings (see Handbook 2, 18.3.11).

The Relief Society General Presidency. Photo courtesy Busath.com.

Relief Society

The Relief Society training page has new resources that explain how additional Relief Society meetings can help prepare women for the blessings of eternal life.

The Young Women General Presidency. Photo courtesy Busath.com.

Young Women

The Young Women training page has three new videos to train class presidencies in their responsibilities to prepare, counsel, teach, minister, and lead the young women.

The Primary General Presidency. Photo courtesy Busath.com.


The Primary training page has been updated to include resources for Primary leaders to help teachers prepare spiritually, counsel together, minister to others, and teach the gospel.

The Young Men General Presidency.

Young Men

The Young Men training page has new resources that focus on the following three goals:

  1. Be with them.
  2. Connect them to heaven.
  3. Let them lead.

The Sunday School General Presidency.

Sunday School

The Sunday School training page has links to several new resources: