2018 Mission Presidents Called to Philadelphia and California

  • 25 June 2018

The Church has announced new mission president assignments for 111 missions, effective July 2018.  Map by Deseret News.

The following new mission presidents and their wives have been called by the First Presidency. They will begin their service in July of 2018. Biographies of other mission presidency couples will be published throughout 2018 on news.lds.org. Find other published biographies.

Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission

Cindy A. and Daniel F. Dunnigan

Daniel Fred Dunnigan, 60, and Cindy Maria Arndt Dunnigan, five children, Plymouth Ward, Westland Michigan Stake: Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, succeeding President Christopher L. Randall and Sister Amy Randall. Brother Dunnigan is an Area Seventy and a former stake president, bishop, Young Men adviser, temple ordinance worker, and missionary in the Germany Munich Mission. Born in Murray, Utah, to Fredrick William Dunnigan and Rehan Smith Dunnigan.

Sister Dunnigan is a Young Women adviser and temple ordinance worker and a former stake and ward Young Women president, ward Primary presidency counselor, and ward family history adviser. Born in Salt Lake City to Hans Joachim Alfred Arndt and Gertraude Bsumek Arndt.

Paul M. and Maren J. Durham

California Oakland/San Francisco Mission

Paul Marsden Durham, 65, and Maren Jenkins Durham, four children, Yale Ward, Salt Lake Bonneville Stake: California Oakland/San Francisco Mission, succeeding President Ted H. Frandsen and Sister Kathryn E. Frandsen. Brother Durham is a former stake president, stake presidency counselor, bishop, high councilor, temple ordinance worker, and missionary in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission. Born in Salt Lake City to Wayne Cole Durham and Barbara Paulson Durham.

Sister Durham is a ward Relief Society compassionate service leader and a former ward Primary president and ward Relief Society and Young Women presidency counselor. Born in Salt Lake City to Joseph Richard Jenkins and Rose Catherine Jenkins.