A New Day in the Central African Republic- October 29, 2012

  Ruth L Renlund

  • 6 November 2012

Elder Dale G. Renlund (president of the Africa Southeast Area), Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, and Elder L. Whitney Clayton at the dedication of the Central African Republic.

In a shady forest overlooking the capitol city of Bangui, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland offered a prayer of dedication for the country and people of Central African Republic (CAR). Dedication of a land is a priesthood ordinance performed only by an ordained apostle as directed by the First Presidency.   The dedication was held on the Gbazabangui hillside, a few degrees north of the equator, the original site of the Bangui people. 

Elder Holland with others attending the dedication of Central African Republic.

Elder Holland pronounced the moment as a turning point for the small branch of members and all the country.  He promised a new day for the people as the gospel light fills their land.    Elder Holland was accompanied by Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy and his wife Kathy Clayton and Elder Dale G. Renlund, Africa Southeast Area President and his wife Ruth Renlund.  President Roger Langue, President of the Bangui Branch and his wife Sophia also attended. 

Children from the CAR Bangui Branch with Elder Clayton and Elder Holland.

Following the dedication, Elder Holland met with members of the Bangui Branch.  He spoke directly to the children describing in simple terms the love the Saviour has for each of them.  Over 150 people attended the meeting. Many sat outside the building to hear the words of an apostle.