Amisha Gaundar: “The Book of Mormon Inspires!”

  • 30 March 2012

Amisha Gaundar

“The Book of Mormon has been and continues to be a source of inspiration in my life,” says Amisha Gaundar of Sydney. Now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Amisha grew up as a Hindu. She joined the Church twelve years ago when missionaries brought The Book of Mormon to her home and taught her family about it.

She was sixteen at the time. She and her mother, her two sisters and her brother, were baptized.

Like most members of the Church, Amisha studies The Book of Mormon as a companion scripture to The Bible. “I have a greater desire to improve and become a better person as I read it,” she says, “and it truly brings me closer to God.”

“Over the years I have learned about who I am, my relationship to God and His Son Jesus Christ, and the plan that God has for me and everyone. The Book of Mormon has given me needed direction and peace, and standards to guide and protect me.”

“I wish everyone would read it.” Amisha is not unlike most Mormons in her desire to give the book to friends.

Persons not of the Mormon faith who have a Latter-day Saint neighbour, acquaintance, or work associate have likely been asked, “Have you read The Book of Mormon?”

What exactly is The Book of Mormon? Click here for a brief video overview.

Mormons get their nickname from this volume of scripture that was first published 182 years ago this month in Palmyra, New York, USA. Its unusual origins, as told in the first pages of the book, have captured the attention of readers worldwide in dozens of languages.

But more compelling, as Amisha found, is the text itself. She served as a full time missionary for a year and a half in Salt Lake City, Utah, inviting others to read The Book of Mormon and then to ask God if it is true.

“That was the best year and a half of my life,” says Amisha. “Everything I experienced and learned has helped me ever since. Though no longer an official missionary, I still pray to be able to share The Book of Mormon with others.

”Each of us individually can discover its great worth,“ she says. ”It is a book for everyone.“

Amisha's friends, Lionel and Marianne Walters, have been reading The Book of Mormon almost daily for over fifty years. ”We see the relevance of its principles and doctrines in the present day,“ they say, ”to remedy the ills of society. It also expands our knowledge that Jesus Christ truly is the Saviour of the entire world.“

One of Amisha's former Church Institute instructors, Asa Smibert of Brisbane, says of The Book of Mormon, ”It provides inspiration to seek the best in each day while making decisions with eternity in mind.“
Would you like to read The Book of Mormon? Request a free copy here.

Amisha is studying for a diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology. She enjoys nature, walking, running, shopping, reading, sewing and cooking, and currently serves as a volunteer Media Assistant on the Hebersham Stake (diocese) Public Affairs Council.