Announcement of New and Reorganized Stakes

  • 5 May 2014


Three new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Eagle Mountain Utah North and Eagle Mountain Utah Stakes. The Eagle Mountain Utah Cedar Pass Stake, which includes the Cedar Pass 1st, Cedar Pass 2nd, Cedar Pass 10th, Highlands 1st, Kennekuk, Sage Valley, Stonebridge, and Willow Springs Wards, was created by Elder Donald L. Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Kevin J Worthen, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Pohnpei Caroline Islands District. The Panasang Pohnpei Stake, which includes the Kitti, Mand, and Uh Branches and the Eirike, Palikir, Panasang, Sapwalap, and Sekere Wards, was created by Elders Scott D. Whiting and Marcus B. Nash of the Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Queen Creek Arizona South Stake. The San Tan Valley Arizona Stake, which includes the Bella Vista, Copper Basin, Desert Hills, Florence 1st, Florence 2nd, and Johnson Ranch Wards, was created by Elders Craig A. Cardon and Todd B. Hansen of the Seventy.

EAGLE MOUNTAIN UTAH CEDAR PASS STAKE (March 16, 2014): President—Shawn Jeffrey Richards, 44, chief financial officer at Universal Health Solutions; wife, Kristin Ellinger Richards. Counselors—Dale Dean Benson, 49, president of Bluefin Office Group; wife, Fawn Marie Crill Benson. Mark Benjamin James, 41, seminary instructor; wife, Stacey Marie Gheen James.

PANASANG POHNPEI STAKE (March 16, 2014): President—Lensper Kalio, 50, fisherman; wife, S. Nelsiana Kalio. Counselors—Francisco Alwis Hadley, 53, bank security officer/premises manager at Bank of FSM; wife, Melsihner Ramon Hadley. Nixson Redes, 45, self-employed; wife, Hermika Erlinso Redes.

SAN TAN VALLEY ARIZONA STAKE (March 16, 2014): President—Larry Michael Ray, 68, retired president/chief executive officer at First Federal Credit Union; wife, Janet Barr Ray. Counselors—Graeme Ernest Flexman, 70, franchise owner; wife, Dora Ramona Peredes Flexman. John Olsen Nevitt Sr., 46, farmer; wife, Lorna Louise Walker Nevitt.


BOGOTA COLOMBIA CIUDAD JARDIN STAKE (Feb. 2, 2014): President—Lyndon Alonso Coscaqua Vasquez, 44, applications engineer; succeeding Nestor E. Contreras Moreno; wife, Lyliana Martinez. Counselors—Brayan Alfredo Lopez Luna, 36, head of planning at SEM Engineering; wife, Lizeth Ines Gorzon de Lopez. Mario Fernando R. Bolanos, 38, contractor; wife, Johanna Elizabeth Pizarro Jaramillo.

CARTAGENA COLOMBIA STAKE (Jan. 25, 2014): President—Willington A. Plata Villamizar, 36, employed by Ecopetrol S.A.; succeeding Darwin Rafael Luna Martinez; wife, Marlene Niyavna Posso Vivero. Counselors—Ronny Paulo Olascoaga Causil, 35, baker; wife, Ana Irene Geliz Benitez. Edgar E. Torres Morano, 41, merchant; wife, Glenis Quintana Meza.

CHIAUTEMPAN MEXICO STAKE (Feb. 23, 2014): President—Mario Alberto Reyes Frias, 38, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator; succeeding Demetrio Futierrez Aguirre; wife, Kennya Muñoz Torres. Counselors—Jose David Huerta Barrios, 31, director at EMCA; wife, Stephanie Trejo Sanchez. Luis Fernando Torrentera Sanchez, 30, operations support technician; wife, Marianela Cervantes Vasquez.

DEVONPORT AUSTRALIA STAKE (March 2, 2014): President—Lionel N. Walters, 33, information technology service manager; succeeding Scott E. Prebble; wife, Suzanne Margaret Cummings Walters. Counselors—Dion R. Triffitt, 46, supervisor at North West Pathology; wife, Kay Maree Thomasson Triffitt. Peter Buckley, 34, laboratory manager for the Department of Education; wife, Ruth Lesley Woolley Buckley.

EAGLE MOUNTAIN UTAH STAKE (March 15, 2014): President—Ronald Taylor Mortensen, 45, assistant secretary to the First Presidency; succeeding Keith M. Burnham; wife, Jill Roxanna Jensen Mortensen. Counselors—Peter James Van Mondfrans, 43, senior regional manager at Access Technology Solutions; wife, Stacey Ann Roark Van Mondfrans. Darren J Twede, 47, president of TreeFrog LED, Inc.; wife, Bea Ann Barradough Twede.

ELKO NEVADA EAST STAKE (March 23, 2014): President—Shawn Kenneth Jones, 44, attorney; succeeding Kendle Bowler; wife, Beth Michelle Wayne Jones. Counselors—Steven F. Gunnell, 45, orthopedic surgeon; wife, Meisja Marie Roundy Gunnell. Robert Lauran Carl Johnson, 43, special education teacher with the Elko County School District; wife, Marianne Dahl Johnson.

LOGAN UTAH EAST STAKE (March 15, 2014): President—Alfred Benton Burns, 56, vice president of Fireworks West International; succeeding Kent R. Wallis; wife, Laurie Covert Burns. Counselors—David Thomas Anderson, 48, director of USUBC; wife, Mary Ann Christensen Anderson. Stewart Wayne Jensen, 58, dentist; wife, Laurel Greenholgh Jensen.

MONTEVIDEO URUGUAY FLORES STAKE (Dec. 1, 2013): President—Pablo E. Ponce, 38, vice president of services at Motociclo SA; succeeding Raul A. Orlando; wife, Andrea Dorosley Casas Acosta. Counselors—Daniel Collato, 53, senior manager; wife, Gabriela Perez De Collato. Jose Carlos Lopez Rodriguez, 43, business owner; wife, Claudia Leticia Bica Rios.

MOSCOW RUSSIA STAKE (Feb. 16, 2014): President—Vyacheslav Borisovich Baltovsky, 46, general manager at Morinda UK, Ltd.; succeeding Yakov Mikhaylovich Boyko; wife, Anna Ustavna Malkova Baltovsky. Counselors—Vladimir Alexandrovich Nechiporov, 53, area welfare manager for the Church; wife, Elena V. Nechiporov. Victor Mechaylovich Kremenchuk, 29, media coordinator; wife, Kristina Victorovna Kremenchuk.

OTAVALO ECUADOR IMBABURA STAKE (Jan. 19, 2014): President—Luis Alberto Tituaña Santillán, 40, owner of Winter House; succeeding Isauro Arellano Romero; wife, Rosa Matildo Izana Tituanõ. Counselors—Roberto De La Torre Montalvo, 35, merchant administrator; wife, Genovevo Romero Vasques. Nelson Javier Romero Vasques, 33, owner of Tejidos Tiffany; wife, Miriam Alexandra Ascanta Horales.

PORT-BOUET COTE D’IVOIRE STAKE (March 9, 2014): President—Zogoury Rodolph Datche, 38, hotel receptionist, succeeding Marc Sahy; wife, Aussigni Nestare Datche. Counselors—Akoi Kouadio, 52, agent mayor; wife, Odette Amou Kouadio. Kablan Benedict Sahy, 32, consultant trainer at Vision CI; wife, Dede Estelle Sahynee Ga.

PROVO UTAH MARRIED STUDENT 1ST STAKE (Feb. 9, 2014): President—Charles Reed Monson, 53, owner/engineer, GMH Engineering; succeeding R. Scott Runia; wife, Catherine Marie Quackenbush Monson. Counselors—Carl Hernandez III, 51, associate professor of law at BYU; wife, Christy Covington Hernandez. Steven Jay Hafen, 51, CEO/president of Devcon; wife, Brooke Dawn Bunker Hafen.

PROVO UTAH YSA 1ST STAKE (March 16, 2014): President—Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, 59, professor at BYU; succeeding Dennis V. Dahle; wife, Jeni Carol Broberg Holzapfel. Counselors—Jay P. Christofferson, 58, professor at BYU; wife, Maxine Kaye Baxter Christofferson. John Ben Haws, 39, assistant professor at BYU; wife, Laura Favero Haws.

PROVO UTAH YSA 6TH STAKE (March 9, 2014): President—Ronald Brent Ririe, 57, founder/president of Avisae; succeeding Gordon B. Lindsay; wife, Beverly Rose Thompson Ririe. Counselors—Joseph Bradley Reese, 54, COO & EVP of Avisae; wife, Julie Katherine Riveiro Reese. Scott Benson Woolley, 49, president/owner of Horizon Home Health & Hospice; wife, Sarah Lyn Taylor Woolley.

ST GEORGE UTAH YSA 2ND STAKE (Feb. 16, 2014): President—Bradford Roger Rich, 52, president of Skywest Inc.; succeeding Brad A. Myers; wife, Pamela K. Meyer Rich. Counselors—David Jay Paul, 53, president/CEO and owner of Paul Properties Inc.; wife, Denise Burt Paul. Lionel Rodolfo Gracia, 53, business owner of highland commercial; wife, Rosalba Vera Gracia.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA MORTDALE STAKE (Feb. 23, 2014): President—Philip John Frazer Barton, 31, state manager at First Focus; succeeding Atili N. To’o; wife, Kieryn Clark Murrin Barton. Counselors—Afualo Mose Jr., 47, self-employed; wife, Sosofrina Clarke Suia. Andrew Ferguson Charles Campbell, 57, director; wife, Fiona Jean Campbell.

TEMPE ARIZONA YSA STAKE (Feb. 23, 2014): President—Edward Nadgers Basha III, 50, president/CEO of Bashas Inc.; succeeding Paul E. Gilbert; wife, LeAnn Huish Basha. Counselors—Robert W. Cunningham, 59, owner of RIVC International; wife, Shelley Rowland Cunningham. Troy Burnett Hansen, 49, product manager for Bristol-Meyers Squibb; wife, Stacie Lila Wray Hansen.

WEST JORDAN UTAH COBBLE CREEK STAKE (Feb. 23, 2014): President—Brett Douglas Godfrey, 49, senior construction project manager at Kroger; succeeding Craig E. Judd; wife, Elizabeth Ann Schneiter Godfrey. Counselors—Jesse Kent Wood, 39, development director at Affero, Inc.; wife, Aimee Christine Bohman Wood. Jeffrey David McMullin, 39, regional VP of Partners In Leadership; wife, Kerry Elizabeth Pearson McMullin.

VERACRUZ MEXICO MOCAMBO STAKE (Nov. 24, 2013): President—Roberto Castaneda Haro, 37, institute director; succeeding Jose de la Rosa Solana Azcorra; wife, Alejandra Jose Diaz. Counselors—Ricardo Fernandez Goytia, 37, independent professional; wife, Astorga Marilu Aguirre. Hugo Alvarez Aguirre, 47, sales executive at Alen Del Norte; wife, Martha Leticia Ferreira Garcia.

ZAMBOANGA PHILIPPINES STAKE (Dec. 15, 2014): President—Melchor Adolfo Pahlilaya, 37, operations manager at Rmuiking Trade; succeeding Bartolome D. Madriaga; wife, Vilma Suan Lopez Pahlilaya. Counselors—Edward Canedo Naingue, 41, manager at H.S.B. Ref. & Aircon. Services; wife, Josephine Lim Villacorte Naingue. Jundan Pardillo Favores, 37, administrative/finance officer at RN International Review Center; wife, Sarah Jane Monares Severino Favores.