Announcements of New Stakes and Reorganizations

  • 6 January 2014


A new stake has been created from the Denver Colorado North Stake. The Brighton Colorado Stake, which includes the Northridge YSA Branch and Brighton, Fort Lupton, Henderson, Monte Vista (Spanish), Reunion, and Riverdale Wards, was created by Elder Michael John U. Teh of the Seventy and Elder Vern Stanfill, and Area Seventy.

BRIGHTON COLORADO STAKE (November 10, 2013):: President—Rex A. Johnson, 44 , orthodondist; wife, Bekki Johnson. Counselors—C. Mark Tandberg, 64, retired, state and county human services director;mwife, Julie Marie Kowallis Tandberg. Larry Edward Grasteit, 61, division maintenance manager at Reddaway Truckking; wife, Kathy Ann Williams Grasteit.

A new stake has been created from the Austin Texas and Round Rock Texas stakes. The Round Rock Texas East Stake, which includes the Palm Valley and Rockdale branches and Georgetown, Old Settlers, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Serenada, Stony Point and Taylor wards, was created by Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge of the Seventy and Elder J. Romeo Villarreal, an Area Seventy.

ROUND ROCK TEXAS EAST STAKE (November 24, 2013): President—Kent L. Huntsman, 52, associate vice president of university relations at Southwestern University; wife, Linde Le Edgington Huntsman. Counselors—Dane Lawton Parker, 45, vice president at Dell, Inc.; wife, Rebecca Rackham Parker. Joseph Assan Appiah, 38, corporate finance controller at Dell, Inc.; wife, Margaret Sackey Appiah.


ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA STAKE (November 24, 2013): President—Jason Michael Ellis, 43, self-employed/business owner; succeeding Paul W. Granger; wife, Naomi Ruth Rae Pawson Ellis. Counselors—Mark Andrew Pickford, 42, director for the Attorney General’s Department; wife, Katherine Jean Mannus Pickford. Brett Wilmott, 46, track protection officer for GTE Australia; wife, Marianne Julia Hall Wilmott.

ARARAQUARA BRAZIL STAKE (November 24, 2013): President—Dalton Lacerda Gimatto, 59, builder; succeeding Leonardo Luiz Coelho Silva; wife, Valquiria Samaha Gimatto. Counselors—Claudenir Magdalene, 46, metallurgist; wife, Maria Lucia Ferreira Magdalene. Savro Dias Lopes, 33, trade supervisor; wife, Samyra Barros Mormoy Terrazas Lopes.

ATLIXCO MEXICO STAKE (November 10, 2013): President—Jose Antonio Hidalgo Torres, 30, branch manager; succeeding Alfonso Popoca Cuautle; wife, Mariana Rojas Castillo. Counselors—Edgar Gerardo Arteaga Romero, 38, business owner; wife, Alma Rosa Juarez Davila. Juan Pablo Terron Ramos, 40, administrator at AENSCA; wife, Erika Velazquez Gonzalez.

AUBURN CALIFORNIA STAKE (November 24, 2013): President—Christian Taylor Merrill, 48, product line manager at Vista Systems; succeeding S. Lamar Brower; wife Gwen Otteson Merrill. Counselors—William Michael Trentman, 47, manager/owner of Interstate Sales; wife, Melodee Harper Trentman. Gilbert Alvin Peterson, 58, senior structure engineer; wife, Carlene Schaffer Petersen.

BOUNTIFUL UTAH NORTH CANYON STAKE (December 8, 2013): President—Kory E. Coleman, 46, owner of Venture Capital and Consulting Co.; succeeding Russell H. Campbell; wife, Carolie Tanner Coleman. Counselors—Brad Glen Angus, 58, chief executive officer at Setpoint Systems; wife, Julie Ann Winn Angus. Daniel Jay Hammon, 54, orthopedic surgeon; wife, Debbie Rose Jolley Hamman.

BUENA VISTA VIRGINIA STAKE (November 17, 2013): President—Jan-Erik Jones, 45, professor of philosophy at Southern Virginia University; succeeding Walter E. Ralls; wife, Kristen Shelese Weaver Jones. Counselors—Samuel Kevin Roskelley, 55, engineer; wife, Janis Beebe Roskelley. R. Alans Whitehurst, 55, professor/provost at Southern Virginia University; wife, Bonnie Colleen McBride Whitehurst.

CIUDAD DE MEXICO CHAPULTEPEC STAKE (November 10, 2013): President—Miguel Angel Tenorio Dominguez, 58, director of temporal affairs; succeeding David Esparza Villasana; wife, Graciela Elizabeth Guevara Motte. Counselors—Manlio Gabio Lopez Delgado, 39, country manager at Terumo BCT; wife, Patricia Ruth Frol Matteazzi. Rafael Alcantara Ruiz, 46, sports supervisor; wife, Cristina Hernandez De La Cruz.

CUIDAD DE MEXICO TLALPAN STAKE (November 30, 2013): President—Jorge Velazquez Hernandez, 38, graphic design coordinator; succeeding Ernesto Flores Juarez; wife, Ericka Torres Velasquez. Counselors—Jared Cruz Hernandez, 48, accountant; wife, Lucia Bernachi Perez. Heberto Luna Angel, 55, retired; wife, Maria Olivia Mendoza Carrisoza.

DIADEMA BRAZIL STAKE (November 10, 2013): President—Marcos Welber Da Silva, 37, billing assistant at Unifai; succeeding Andre Lucas Dellova da Cunha; wife, Erika Santos Viovesan. Counselors—Roberto Pereira Dos Santos, 37, analyst with Bilingual training at Teleperformance; wife, Veronica Silva De Oliveira. Geraldo Jose Dos Santos, 35, business owner; wife, Amarie de Costa Fernandes.

JOLIET ILLINOIS STAKE (November 17, 2013): President—Christopher Larsen Guymon, 55, associate dean at the University of Chicago; succeeding Scott B. Clark; wife, Mary Jane Atwater Guymon. Counselors—Mitchell Dean Klaich, 53, director of library and information resources at Jennert Block LLP; wife, Sheri Ann Davies Klaich. David L. Holyoak, 57, chief information officer at Grant Thornton LLP; wife, Kathryn Gladwyn Roberts.

KAYSVILLE UTAH CENTRAL STAKE (November 24, 2013): President—Andrew Weber Seelos, 46, assistant vice president and controller at Nutraceutical Corporation; succeeding Kelly R. Johnson; wife, Susan Patricia Johnson Seelos. Counselors—Scott Spencer Jensen, 53, senior vice president at Freedomroad/Camping World; wife, Jodie Ann Haws Jensen. Scott Francis Simpson, 44, president/chief executive officer of Utah Credit Union Association; wife, Samantha Marie Yaunt Simpson.

KITCHENER ONTARIO STAKE (November 10, 2013): President—David Gordon Jacobs, 40, marketing executive; succeeding James A. McBride; wife, Jennifer Jacobs. Counselors—David James Thomas, 39, financial planner; wife, Kelly Thomas. Seth M.R. Nabrotzky, 46, financial planner; Tina Nabrotzky.


LAS VEGAS NEVADA LONE MOUNTAIN STAKE (November 24, 2013): President—Robert L. Harper III, 47, business owner; succeeding Wayne L. Tew; wife, Jill Ewell Harper. Counselors—Eric Grant Giles, 44, vice president of G.C. Wallace, Inc.; wife, Aimee Eberhard Giles. George Quincy Edwards, 43, land director at Pulte Homes; wife, Amorette Cornwall Edwards.

LAYTON UTAH EAST STAKE (November 17, 2013): President—James McConkie Wright, 43, dentist; succeeding Mark R. Gilleland; wife, Amy Eileen Anderson Wright. Counselors—Wayne Gabriel Leota, 42, project manager at IBM; wife, Connie Owens Leota. Christopher Michael Rutter, 44, sales representative at Sanofi, U.S.; wife, Jodi Lee Rothey Rutter.

MARACAIBO VENEZUELA CENTRO STAKE (November 10, 2013): President—Gianguido Sgattone Juarez, 40, businessman; succeeding Ruben Llontop Leon; wife, Karinninoska Piña Cardobo. Counselors—Jose Luis Romero Moreno, 37, university professor; wife, Claudines Carol Romero R. Nixon J. Rincon Chirinos, 38, industrial machine operator; wife, Ramona Castillo Querales Sorelis.

MIDLAND MICHIGAN STAKE (November 10, 2013): President—Derrek D. Henrie, 46, dentist; succeeding Mark W. Jones; wife, Gwen Ann Lichtenberg Henrie. Counselors—Daymon L. Leonhardt, 46, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator; wife, Michelle Suzanne Wood Leonhardt. Michael Keith Hales, 46, engineer; wife, Julie Kay Schramm Hales.

MONTPELIER IDAHO STAKE (November 10, 2013): President—Darin Scott Dransfield, 46, nursing home administrator/physical therapy; succeeding H. Nolan Phillips; wife, Audrie Mae Eversole Dransfield. Counselors—Steven Dilworth Hammond, 45, dentist; wife, Julie Ann Scott Hammond. Reed Parley Peterson, 67, mayor of the City of Montpelier; wife, Ralonna Lee Furniss Peterson.

MONTREAL QUEBEC MOUNT ROYAL STAKE (November 10, 2013): President—Jay Alexander Glowa, 46, vice president of finance; succeeding George E. Jarvis; wife, Fatima Da Conceisão Braz Glowa. Counselors—Andrew William Arbuckle, 53, business owner; wife, Dana Tomczyk Arbuckle. Philippe Ammanuel O. Lemble, 43, senior adviser of planning and processes at Investissement Quebec; wife, Rachel Lea Wagner Lemble.

PAYSON UTAH EAST STAKE (November 24, 2013): President—Jan Eric Newman, 53, vice president at Vivint Solar; succeeding David L. Tervort; wife, Lucia Price Newman. Counselors—Jeffery Ray Spencer, 47, ESHS director; wife, Stephanie Beck Spencer. Steven T. Linford, 50, institute director; wife, Melanie Anne Coombs Linford.