April Articles

  • Church Page on Google+

    Posted: 21 April 2012

    The Church released its Google+ page a few months ago and has continued to grow in that channel. Similar to the Church's main Facebook page, the Google+ page will have inspirational messages, words from living prophets and apostles, videos, news and more, all available in English. By adding this page to your Google+ circles, you will begin receiving updates on your stream.  Full Story

  • Jesus Heals a Possessed Man

    Posted: 21 April 2012

    The Bible Videos website added a new video to its collection of vignettes about the life of Jesus Christ. In Jesus Heals a Possessed Man, the Savior demonstrates His divine power by healing a possessed man in Capernaum. New Bible Videos will continue to be released on a consistent basis throughout the year.  Full Story

  • Mormon Lay Leadership

    Posted: 21 April 2012

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints functions in large measure because of the unpaid volunteer ministry of its members. In fact, this lay ministry is one of the Church's most defining characteristics.  Full Story

  • LDS Maps 3.0 Released

    Posted: 21 April 2012

    A new feature-packed version of LDS Maps is now available. The new maps tool makes searching for people, meetinghouses and other Church locations much easier. Some of the new features include the following: - Household verifications - Unit boundary maps - "Locate me" feature - Improved print options  Full Story

  • New Youth Video: Fulfilling your Duty to God

    Posted: 18 April 2012

    The youth website has released a new video focusing on the Aaronic Priesthood's Duty to God program and highlighting the story of several young men and their experience working on Duty to God. To learn more about the program, visit the Duty to God website, Duty to God.lds.org.  Full Story

  • Church Websites

    Posted: 17 April 2012

    A new link has been added to LDS.org, Mormon.org, Newsroom and Mormon Channel, showing some of the major Church websites in one single place. The link briefly explains to the purpose of each website and has quick links from each page for faster navigation. The link can be found on the top right corner of each page under "Church Websites".  Full Story

  • Prophets and Apostles Speak Today

    Posted: 17 April 2012

    A new article titled "Christ Lives" is Always a Message for Easter is available in Prophets and Apostles Speak Today.  Full Story

  • Newly Chosen Jr. Tall Fern Chooses Sunday Worship over Workout

    Posted: 17 April 2012

    Porirua, NEW ZEALAND – Six foot one inch tall Camece Salmon, says being chosen for the New Zealand Jr. Fern basketball team was "definitely a welcome surprise," especially considering the important decision she made at the try outs during the final selection camp weekend.  Full Story