December Articles

  • Elder Albert Choules Jr. Dies

    Posted: 17 December 2012

    Elder Albert Choules Jr., who served in the First and Second Quorums of the Seventy, died of natural causes on December 5, 2012, in Salt Lake City at the age of 86.  Full Story

  • Study Shows Church Attendance Benefits Teens' Education

    Posted: 17 December 2012

    A recent study from Brigham Young University and Rice University in Houston, Texas, shows religiously affiliated youth are 40 percent more likely to graduate from high school than their unaffiliated peers, and 70 percent more likely to enroll in college.  Full Story

  • Let Laurels Lead: Trust Young Women with Responsibilities

    Posted: 17 December 2012

    Young Women leaders emphasize the importance of teaching leadership skills to youth by trusting them, giving them responsibilities, and empowering them in a variety of settings and opportunities.  Full Story

  • Christmas Memory: Remembering the Plan of Happiness

    Posted: 14 December 2012

    Read Relief Society general president Linda K. Burton’s recollection of one especially memorable Christmas when she learned about the plan of salvation.  Full Story

  • Eight Members Remain Missing in Wake of Typhoon Bopha

    Posted: 14 December 2012

    Typhoon Bopha, a category four hurricane, hit the southern Philippine island of Mindano on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. There have been 540 confirmed deaths and reports of at least 400 missing people.  Full Story

  • 2012 Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert Report

    Posted: 14 December 2012

    Tom Brokaw, with British operatic and Broadway tenor Alfie Boe, joined the choir and Orchestra at Temple Square on the Conference Center stage December 13, 2012, for the annual Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. Additional performances will take place December 14 and 15.  Full Story

  • Viewpoint: Service That Counts

    Posted: 14 December 2012

    The world around us is filled with need. While service of any kind is a worthy and welcome cause, Latter-day Saints have the chance to do more than just solve the immediate problem. Service that counts is the service that will change all of us for good.  Full Story

  • Bible Videos Collection Continues to Grow, Inspire

    Posted: 13 December 2012

    What started almost a year ago as a small collection of videos focusing on the birth of Jesus Christ has now grown to a collection, available in 10 languages, depicting a variety of stories and people from the life and ministry of the Savior.  Full Story