February Articles

  • New Zealand Interfaith Leaders to Gather in Temple View

    Posted: 19 February 2012

    TEMPLE VIEW, New Zealand — The 2012 New Zealand National Interfaith Forum will be held next weekend (18-19 February) in Hamilton at the former Church College of New Zealand campus in Temple View.  Full Story

  • Scripture Study Program for Youth Marks 100th Anniversary

    Posted: 19 February 2012

    CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — Even though the daily scripture study class for Mormon youth, called seminary, is now 100 years old, taking part is still a day-to-day proposition. Take New Zealander Sabrina M. as an example. She rises early each school day, prepares for her day, and then attends an hour of scripture study before her regular school classes begin.  Full Story

  • Kiwi Mormons Talk About Faith and Family on the Web

    Posted: 3 February 2012

    AUCKLAND, New Zealand — New Zealanders Dionne and Josh, parents of three, share their love of family, faith and life in a new video on www.mormon.org.nz.  Full Story