January Articles

  • Helping Each Other Through A Tough Year

    Posted: 9 January 2012

    CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — The past year has been a very difficult one for many Christchurch residents due to major earthquakes and multiple aftershocks that are continuing to be felt.  Full Story

  • A Pioneer’s Journey in Papua New Guinea

    Posted: 9 January 2012

    In the early 1960's Vaiba Rome, a young boy whose family were steadfast members of the London Missionary Society Church in Papua New Guinea, had his first experience with the power of prayer when his heart-felt prayer was answered in a time of great need, as he decided to collect coconuts for the family.  Full Story

  • Belonging to a Latter-day Saint Ward is Something to Celebrate

    Posted: 7 January 2012

    MASTERTON, New Zealand — For the current and former members of New Zealand's Masterton Ward, belonging to a Latter-day Saint congregation is something to celebrate. In fact, such are the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood forged through years of worshipping and associating together, former members have travelled from other parts of New Zealand and from Australia to attend a special reunion.  Full Story

  • Message from the Church Published in Fiji Times

    Posted: 1 January 2012

    SUVA, Fiji — "Sometimes the most extraordinary things happen in the most ordinary places," begins a special Christmas message from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, published recently in the Fiji Times newspaper.  Full Story