June Articles

  • Papua New Guinea—Gospel Peace from a Cauldron of Difficulty

    Posted: 21 June 2012

    Twenty-five years ago, four elders left their island home and headed to Australia. They were Papua New Guinea’s first missionaries and a prologue to the country’s story of faith.  Full Story

  • World Record Holder Overcomes Massive Personal Challenges

    Posted: 8 June 2012

    At the age of eight, Todd Hodgetts was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. Throughout his school years he was misunderstood and bullied mercilessly by both his schoolmates and teachers. Although he was found to have great athletic ability, Todd was unable to obtain a sports scholarship. Undeterred, he saved up for six years to pay his own way to the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.  Full Story

  • Family, Faith & Football

    Posted: 1 June 2012

    Dallin Watene-Zelesniak and Halauafu Lavaka of the U18's Penrith Panthers squad are reaping the fruits of their labours on and off the field by balancing family, faith and football. Both young men of Minchinbury and Fairfield 1st Ward respectively, are on the rise in their respective Rugby League careers, but attribute their success to their family and faith in Jesus Christ. They are in their senior years of secondary school at the prestigious Rugby League nursery, Patrician Brothers College Blacktown, playing at the junior representative level and actively engaged in the programmes of the Church.  Full Story