September Articles

  • Follow October 2012 General Conference on News and Events

    Posted: 28 September 2012

    Find live updates from the 182nd Semiannual General Conference here on News and Events. UPDATE 10/7/12 Read summaries of the talks and announcements given during the Saturday and Sunday general sessions and Priesthood session.  Full Story

  • Church Encourages Members Worldwide to Serve Locally

    Posted: 27 September 2012

    The Welfare Department of the Church is encouraging individuals, families, wards, and stakes worldwide to answer the divine and prophetic calls to serve by finding opportunities to aid organizations or individuals in their own communities.  Full Story

  • Media Professionals Needed to Work on Church Projects

    Posted: 26 September 2012

    The Church has created a new database, Mediapro, to help identify talented media professionals around the world who can help tell the Church’s story through film, video, broadcast events, and digital media projects.  Full Story

  • Publication of the Book of Mormon in Lao Announced

    Posted: 26 September 2012

    The First Presidency recently announced the translation of the Book of Mormon in Lao, which will serve more than 4,500 Church members who speak the language. Copies of the scriptures are available through local Church distribution centers and at  Full Story

  • Brigham City Utah Temple: A Very Sacred Event

    Posted: 24 September 2012

    On Sunday, September 23, 2012, President Boyd K. Packer dedicated the Brigham City Utah Temple on the same site where he once attended grade school. It is the Church's 139th temple worldwide and the 14th in Utah.  Full Story

  • Mormon Websites Sweeping the World

    Posted: 21 September 2012

    The Church’s area and country websites provide wonderful, uplifting content in many languages to help all of Heavenly Father’s children learn, live, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Full Story

  • 2013 Mutual Theme and Resources Announced

    Posted: 20 September 2012

    The Church has announced the Youth 2013 Mutual Theme, “Stand Ye in Holy Places.” Leaders are to use the theme as a way to enrich Mutual opening exercises and as a topic for activities.  Full Story

  • October Magazine Supplement Introduces New Pass-Along Cards

    Posted: 20 September 2012

    A supplement to the October 2012 issue of the Ensign and English Liahona asks members to become familiar with and be more active in sharing the gospel online.  Full Story