May Articles

  • I Chose to Serve

    Posted: 27 May 2013

    My mother was baptized in Portugal, 1989, by a missionary who devoted two years of his life to serve the Lord and bless my family.  Full Story

  • Bloemfontein District in South Africa Becomes a Stake

    Posted: 24 May 2013

    The members of Bloemfontein District in South Africa gathered for their first stake conference on May 19, 2013, with great anticipation and excitement.  Full Story

  • Water Wells Dug at Idugo Island

    Posted: 22 May 2013

    Idugo is a balmy tropical island on the Mozambican coastline in the mouth of the Sopinho River. This island has no running water, electricity, roads, nor vehicles of any kind.  Full Story