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  • Building Community Spirit in Papua New Guinea

    Posted: 8 November 2012

    American couple Larry and Colleen Clark met and married while they were studying at Brigham Young University Hawaii in the “1960’s.” Fast forward to today, they are enjoying a unique life in the remote area of Karu, in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea. For over twenty years they have called Papua New Guinea home. They own a cocoa and copra plantation. Their son Shane runs a surf resort on the plantation.  Full Story

  • Pillowcase project to brighten hospital stay

    Posted: 8 November 2012

    It was a case of many hands make bright work when members of Adelaide’s Prospect ward sewed 128 colourful pillowcases for the Pillowcases for Oncology Kids (POK) charity.  Full Story

  • Newcastle Stake Country Fair

    Posted: 7 November 2012

    Brother Hamilton said the day was worth all the effort to see so many saints enjoying fun times with their family and non-member friends and catching up with friends from other wards and branches. The event provided a great opportunity for members to perform missionary work.  Full Story

  • The Australian Women's Weekly Features Major Articles on Latter-day Saints

    Posted: 6 November 2012

    The October edition of Australia’s most widely read women’s magazine puts a spotlight on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Journalist Amanda Bower asked Mormon women in Australia and the U.S. about their beliefs and their experience in the Church.  Full Story

  • Ensign Local Inserts Available Online

    Posted: 5 November 2012

    For the past two years, the monthly inserts of activities, events, and local achievements have also been posted online, on the New Zealand, and Australia country websites.  Full Story

  • Church Responds to Australian Same Gender Marriage Bills

    Posted: 26 October 2012

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is making submissions to Australian parliamentarians regarding same gender marriage bills being brought before federal and state parliaments.  Full Story

  • Tasmanian Mormon, Todd Hodgetts, wins Shot Put Gold at Paralympics.

    Posted: 12 September 2012

    This week a 24-year old Mormon athlete from Launceston earned a gold medal for his shot put in London, beating the world record he set himself earlier this year.  Full Story

  • Serving the Lord in our youth

    Posted: 17 August 2012

    At the age of 19, Zac Wood, a professional wakeboarder with blonde dreadlocks, made the solemn decision to serve a mission. Zac was the face of the Rip Curl brand, but has now given up a lucrative two year contract with them for a more divine path.  Full Story