Family History Related Links

  • Japanese Missionary Couple Researches 39 Generations

    Posted: 11 April 2013

    Discover how one couple from Japan, after cataloging 39 generations of their own ancestry, turned their passion for family history into missionary service.  Full Story

  • Church Hosts African-American Genealogical Conference

    Posted: 1 April 2013

    The 9th annual African-American Genealogy Conference was held March 9 at the Harlem LDS meetinghouse and gave advice and tips for individuals trying to find African-American ancestors.  Full Story

  • Sister Dalton: The Lord Loves and Trusts Youth

    Posted: 25 March 2013

    Sister Elaine S. Dalton explained how youth can be saviors on Mount Zion at a family history youth devotional March 23 held in connection with the three-day RootsTech 2013 Family History and Technology Conference at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City. The devotional could be viewed live via Internet streaming.  Full Story

  • Genealogy Changes Charts; Family History Changes Hearts

    Posted: 23 March 2013

    Elder Bradley D. Foster of the Seventy spoke on “the role of the family in family history” in an address March 23 in conjunction with the RootsTech 2013 Family History and Technology Conference in Salt Lake City. His presentation was part of a specialized track of training sessions at the conference for priesthood leaders and other Church members with family history-related callings.  Full Story

  • Leaders Can Help Members Experience Joy of Family History

    Posted: 23 March 2013

    Elder Paul E. Koelliker of the Seventy expressed Church leaders’ desire to help faithful, temple-attending members of the Church become awakened to the blessings of bringing family names to the temple. Elder Koelliker, an Assistant Executive Director of the Family History Department, spoke March 23 during a training session for members of ward councils in conjunction with the RootsTech Family History Conference.  Full Story

  • Family History Is More Than Genealogy

    Posted: 23 March 2013

    Family history is not just genealogy, but includes the present and future as well as the past, and ultimately, it is about connecting families together across the generations “that we may be redeemed,” Elder Allan F. Packer of the Seventy said March 23 during a devotional in conjunction with the RootsTech 2013 Family History and Technology Conference in Salt Lake City.  Full Story

  • RootsTech Irving Berlin Concert Highlights Need to Index Immigration Records

    Posted: 23 March 2013

    The Mormon Tabernacle Choir presented a special concert focusing on the work of Irving Berlin and immigration records for RootsTech conference attendees and select guests on March 21, 2013.  Full Story

  • New Technology Makes Family History Easier, Even Fun

    Posted: 22 March 2013

    The RootsTech 2013 conference in Salt Lake City highlighted current technologies that will help family historians as well as make family history work more appealing to young people.  Full Story