Inspirational Related Links

  • Viewpoint: Put on the Armor of God

    Posted: 20 September 2015

    Prophets and apostles have taught how we might spiritually arm ourselves against the power of Satan and the temptations of the world around us.  Full Story

  • Hundreds Serving in Family and Church History Headquarters Mission

    Posted: 18 September 2015

    With more than 1,000 missionaries from all across the world serving in the Family and Church History Headquarters Mission, it could be considered the largest LDS mission in the world, one that few people have even heard of.  Full Story

  • Joseph Smith Miracle Scholarship Honors Doctor Who Saved Prophet’s Leg

    Posted: 18 September 2015

    To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the miracle surgery that saved 7-year-old Joseph Smith’s leg and, most likely, his life and to honor the doctor who created the surgery, the Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family Association presented the Joseph Smith Miracle Scholarship to the Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine on September 11.  Full Story

  • Church Leader Champions “Religious Freedom and Fairness for All”

    Posted: 18 September 2015

    In discussing and encouraging religious freedom and fairness for all, three principles should be observed: “See others through a lens of fairness, treat them with respect and kindness, and expect the same treatment in return,” Elder Ronald A. Rasband said September 15 to Brigham Young University students.  Full Story

  • The Influence of an Inspired Teacher

    Posted: 17 September 2015

    Without knowing it at the time, my father became my mentor and teacher to help me question assumptions, search for valid answers from trustworthy sources, and articulate doctrinal truths in simple ways.  Full Story

  • Three Ways to Keep Conflict from Becoming Contention

    Posted: 17 September 2015

    Inevitably, relationships will experience some challenges and disappointments. Kevin P. Miller, an international leadership and communications consultant, teaches three ways to keep conflict from turning into contention.  Full Story

  • Taking the Fear Out of Dating

    Posted: 17 September 2015

    Brother Michael A. Goodman discusses four relational stages in the process of finding someone to marry: hanging out, dating, courtship, and engagement and marriage. Each stage is important in the process.  Full Story

  • Viewpoint: Preparing for Life 2.0

    Posted: 13 September 2015

    With eternal knowledge, the question of how we should spend our time and resources while here in this life should become clearer.  Full Story