Inspirational Related Links

  • Moment: “Who Wouldn’t Want a Blessing?”

    Posted: 12 March 2014

    An experience with an elderly man at a care center made a priesthood holder decide he would never overlook those in need of a priesthood blessing.  Full Story

  • Gilbert Arizona Temple Dedicatory Prayer

    Posted: 9 March 2014

    President Thomas S. Monson dedicated the Gilbert Arizona Temple on Sunday, March 2, 2014. Following is the text of the dedicatory prayer.  Full Story

  • Viewpoint: Help Youth Be Ready to Fulfill Divine Potential

    Posted: 9 March 2014

    Young people of today are willing and prepared to receive the privileges and responsibilities as sons and daughters of God and inheritors of the promises of Abraham.  Full Story

  • Moment: Unity of the Olympics

    Posted: 4 March 2014

    The story of BYU professor, convert to the Church, and Olympian speed skater Barbara Lockhart’s friendship with the Russian speed-skating team embodies the unity the Olympics brings.  Full Story

  • Sister Burton Shares Nine Ways to Draw Closer to God

    Posted: 2 March 2014

    Sister Linda K. Burton shared nine ways to draw closer to God during a CES devotional broadcast for young adults March 2, 2014.  Full Story

  • Viewpoint: Avoid Unrighteous Comparison

    Posted: 27 February 2014

    The danger of unhealthy comparison is that it can lead to depression, spiritual digression, lack of self-confidence, ingratitude, and delighting in the misfortunes of others. The challenge for a disciple of Christ is to move from competitiveness to cooperation, from love of self to love of others, from comparison to connection.  Full Story

  • LDS Slider Is a “Feel-Good” Story at Winter Games

    Posted: 26 February 2014

    So what does a world-class athlete do a day or two after winning a medal on sport’s biggest global stage? If you’re American skeleton slider and Olympic silver medalist Noelle Pikus-Pace: you gather up the family and go to church.  Full Story

  • Interfaith Group Prays for Drought Relief

    Posted: 24 February 2014

    Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Baha’i, and other faith leaders participated in a joint prayer service in Nevada on February 1, urging for divine intervention in view of persistent drought conditions in the western United States.  Full Story