Scriptures Related Links

  • “Is it Possible to Find the True Church?”

    Posted: 19 January 2012

    The story of Hazel and Richard Egan is told in this month's edition of the Ensign, a worldwide publication of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hazel, a student of the scriptures, was searching for "the true church." The article begins, "She wanted a church founded on faith in Jesus Christ, one that required sacrifice and daily commitment. So far, no church stood up to her scriptural tests."  Full Story

  • “On Faith” Blog: “From the Bible to the Book of Mormon”

    Posted: 14 September 2011

    In The Washington Post "On Faith" blog this week, Church Public Affairs managing director, Michael Otterson, puts to rest some common misconceptions about the Book of Mormon. First, what the Book of Mormon is not: It isn't a book about Mormons. Neither is it a 'Mormon Bible"—a substitute for the Bible of the Christian world. It is not an allegory, nor is it primarily a history.  Full Story