Welfare Related Links

  • Good Idea: Prepare Ahead for Emergencies

    Posted: 6 March 2012

    "Australia's history of natural disasters is good reason for families to have an emergency plan," said Matthew Parsons at a recent Public Affairs Council meeting of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Sydney.  Full Story

  • Village Church Members Need Food - Learn Fishy Business

    Posted: 27 July 2011

    There is a common saying about effective humanitarian aid: "If you give a man a fish he lives for a day but if you teach him how to fish he lives forever." This is a story about one such event. In a remote village on an island in the delta near the mouth of the Miaru River in Kukipi, Moveave in Papua New Guinea lives a group of Latter-day Saints. The village is two hours by outboard boat from the nearest road. In this village the people live at subsistence level and the only crops that they can grow are bananas, breadfruit and cassava. They also fish with fishing lines and collect mud crabs. During the dry season, they can also grow pumpkin and sweet potato but unfortunately the island is often covered with salt water when there are king tides or floods. This has resulted in the land being non-productive.  Full Story

  • A Kit in Time

    Posted: 18 October 2010

    Recent earthquakes and floods around New Zealand emphasise the need for being prepared. Some events will be out of the blue, like the Canterbury Earthquake. Others, like flooding, may allow for some warning. Being prepared will pay dividends in any emergency.  Full Story