Welfare Related Links

  • Deseret Industries—Diamonds in the Rough

    Posted: 13 May 2011

    When Wes Oliver hit “rock bottom,” he was able to use the training program at Deseret Industries to polish himself into a valuable, motivated employee.  Full Story 

  • Giving Others Daily Bread

    Posted: 27 April 2011

    At Deseret Bakery on Welfare Square, volunteers produce thousands of loaves daily—nourishing others physically and themselves spiritually.  Full Story 

  • Inspired Words on an Inspired Program

    Posted: 7 April 2011

    Several addresses during the 181st Annual General Conference of the Church were dedicated to the commemoration of the Church’s welfare program, now in its 75th year.  Full Story

  • Welfare Services Celebrates 75 Years

    Posted: 30 March 2011

    This weekend’s 181st Annual General Conference of the Church marks the 75th anniversary of the Church’s welfare program.  Full Story 

  • Timeline: A Look Back at the Church Welfare Plan

    Posted: 22 March 2011

    The words spoken of the Church’s welfare plan on its inaugural day in 1936 are just as true today as they were then. Here’s a timeline of the formation and progression of the welfare program over the past 75 years.  Full Story

  • Church Aid Goes to 58 Countries in 2010

    Posted: 9 March 2011

    During 2010, the Church responded to 119 disasters in 58 countries, providing U.S. $15 million in emergency aid and organizing teams of volunteers to assist those who were affected.  Full Story

  • Standing on Her Own Two Feet

    Posted: 15 February 2011

    With the help of LDS Charities, a young woman from the Dominican Republic received the gift of mobility with a new pair of prosthetic legs.  Full Story 

  • Working for Peanuts

    Posted: 8 February 2011

    In Houston, Texas, USA, the Church is partnering with a local food bank and community corporations to produce peanut butter for those in need.  Full Story