Welfare Related Links

  • Tropical Storm in Philippines Triggers Landslide

    Posted: 21 December 2011

    During the early hours of Saturday, December 17, while people were still asleep, Tropical Storm Washi hit the southern Philippines island of Mindanao, dumping large amounts of rain and triggering flooding and landslides that caused widespread destruction and the death of at least 680 individuals, including seven members of the Church.  Full Story

  • Church Offers Program to Help Those with Addictions and Their Families

    Posted: 19 December 2011

    Addictive behavior can be heightened during the holidays. The Addiction Recovery Program, a free, confidential 12-step program sponsored by LDS Family Services, offers help and hope for both those with addictions and their loved ones.  Full Story

  • Fund Builds Members, Their Communities, and the Church

    Posted: 29 November 2011

    An initiative called the International Resource Development Fund is helping organizations around the world provide vocational training and higher education to Church members and others, often building goodwill and teaching gospel principles along the way.  Full Story

  • Church Responds Following Turkey Earthquake

    Posted: 28 October 2011

    On October 23, 2011, a 7.2 magnitude quake struck the city of Van and the town of Ercis, near the Iranian border, in Turkey's Kurdish heartland.  Full Story

  • 25,000 Filipino Families Receive Humanitarian Aid

    Posted: 28 October 2011

    In response to two typhoons that hit the Philippines in late September, causing massive flooding, the Church Welfare Department has joined hands with other local nongovernmental organizations to distribute goods and hygiene kits to the affected cities and villages.  Full Story

  • Church Aids in Eastern African Famine

    Posted: 26 October 2011

    With an estimated 13 million people in Eastern Africa in need of food and other assistance, the conditions there being the driest recorded in the past 50 years, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is working with various other organizations to offer relief.  Full Story

  • Welfare Program Recognized for Helping 3,800 Children Smile after Cleft Surgery

    Posted: 23 September 2011

    Presiding Bishop H. David Burton talks about the Church welfare program’s partnership with Operation Smile, an international medical charity that offers free facial surgery for children with cleft palates or lips.  Full Story

  • Saints Continue Cleanup from Hurricane Irene


    Following reports of widespread damages following Hurricane Irene during late August, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints across the East Coast of the United States mobilized in cleanup efforts.  Full Story