Auckland Family History Event Connects Families, Communities

  • 10 September 2014

Emma Clarke, from Auckland, says she enjoys getting to know the personality traits of family members who have passed on and comparing those traits to her own.

Article Highlights

  • Families and community members gathered together to learn more about and share tips for doing family history work.

“Knowing them [my ancestors] better helps me to understand myself and my own life more deeply.” —Emma Clarke, participant in Family History Day

While children were dressing up in period clothing to have their photos taken, seasoned and beginner genealogists quietly pored over online records, sharing tips and new information with each other at the Family History Open Day held August 30 on Auckland’s North Shore.

The open day was organized by the Auckland New Zealand Harbour Stake.

For one of the organizers, Jared Cuff, the day was all about “family and community.”

“We are delighted to welcome members of our church and others from the community to this event,” he said.

Auckland New Zealand Harbour Stake President Douglas Martin said, “Family history connects us with our past, with our family members who have passed on.”

One of the reasons why Emma Clarke of the North Shore likes researching her family tree is that she enjoys learning about her ancestors. “I love hearing about their lives, their stories, and their traits,” she said. “Knowing them better helps me to understand myself and my own life more deeply.”

Matt Owen, also from the North Shore, said that for him, connecting with his family across generations adds more meaning to his life.