Beta Site Makes Additional Improvements

  • 10 November 2010

Article Highlights

  • A number of upgrades were added to on November 10.
  • will become the official on November 30. is taking its final steps on November 10 in preparation to debut as the official on November 30, 2010. Among the improvements to be introduced on November 10 are changes to the home page, search tool, and other areas.

Home Page

Visitors will find some changes to the home page. Following the words and ministry of modern prophets and apostles will become easier with the home page's heightened focus on the Prophets and Apostles Speak Today section. Home page navigation will change slightly as well.

Spanish and German versions of the home page will also be released allowing for further development of the into those languages.

Search Enhancements

Visitors' search experience will be enhanced in several ways. The search tool at the top of each page will now give users a list of suggested search terms as they type, instead of giving them a list of Recommended Results. This will help them form more precise searches. Upon selecting one of the suggested search terms, or entering their own terms, the completed search will lead to a more user-friendly results page. The results page will include both recommended results that have been hand picked and results returned by the search engine.

The search experience has also been extended to create a common experience across the magazines, manuals, and general conference pages. Future improvements to the search engine will extend its reach into additional sections of the site.

Additional Sections

A number of other sections of the site have been created or redesigned for the November 10 update.

A new section, Serving in the Church, will be released with content for priesthood and auxiliary organizations that will be expanded as necessary in future releases.

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