George Akera Gained a Testimony by Reading the Book of Mormon

  Elder Randall Knudsen

  • 26 February 2013

The Akera Family visiting the Johannesburg Temple for the first time. From left to right; Oden Justin, Atim Shella, George, Evelyn Alal and Chayo Alal

He said that when he read the Book of Mormon he felt something different and knew that it was true

George Akera faithfully read the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and pamphlets from the Church daily for 14 years until he finally found the missionaries. George’s search started in Uganda in 1996 while he was looking for a job.  Two missionaries talked with him, gave him some pamphlets about the Church, and invited him to come to church the next Sunday.

George accepted the invitation; he liked the Sunday meetings and met with the missionaries immediately after Church.  They gave George a Book of Mormon and set a date to meet with him.  On Monday George received a job offer that took him about 350 km away from home so he was unable to have the second discussion with the missionaries.

George took the Book of Mormon, Bible and the missionary tracts to his new job site and started reading them every night for the next 14 years. When he read the Book of Mormon George felt something different and knew that it was true. He prayed and promised himself that he would join the Church when he found it again.

His colleagues used to invite George to their churches, but he never felt content.   George would return to his room and continue reading his scriptures.  He had many gospel discussions with friends, and they were amazed at his knowledge. They thought he was an inactive pastor, because he knew many things but did not attend any church.  George continued reading the Book of Mormon and looking for the church.

In 2010 while working in Masaka, Uganda as a hotel security guard, George saw a senior missionary couple at the hotel and recognized their name tags.  He questioned them about their Church to ensure that they were really missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. George then asked to join the Church. 

After being contacted by the senior couple, young missionaries travelled to Masaka to teach George who was baptized in January 2011.  Immediately George started telling everyone he met about the Church.  The missionaries taught and baptized many of George’s “investigators.”

George Akera was called as Branch President in the Masaka Branch when it was organized in July 2011.  There are now approximately 150 members in Masaka Branch.  President Akera continues to bear his testimony of the Book of Mormon.