Book of Mormon Now in Malay Language

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  • 12 August 2013

LDS youth in Malaysia gather for a service project.  Photo by Norma Smith.

"The Malay Book of Mormon will be a blessing to the Church and the nation of Malaysia.” —Bradley Mains, president of the Singapore Mission

The Church has announced the publication of the Book of Mormon in Malay, making it the 109th language for this book of scripture. The Slovak Book of Mormon was made available in March of this year.

Malay is the language spoken in the Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia—a primarily Muslim country where close to 9,000 members of the Church live—Singapore, and Indonesia, as well as India.

“The missionaries and members of the Church in Malaysia have awaited with great anticipation the day they would witness fulfillment of the prophecy that the fulness of the gospel as contained in the Book of Mormon would be available in their own tongue and in their own language,” said Bradley Mains, president of the Singapore Mission. “Now that the Book of Mormon is available in Malay, I am confident the work will move forward with greater power to the convincing of many of the gospel of salvation. The Malay Book of Mormon will be a blessing to the Church and the nation of Malaysia.”

In 1995 Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles visited Malaysia and dedicated the country for the preaching of the gospel. Ground was broken for the first meetinghouse in East Malaysia at Koto Kinabalu on April 16, 2003.

Copies of the Malay Book of Mormon are now available through local Church distribution centers and the online store at (item 35607348) and at

The book is also available on the Gospel Library mobile app and will soon be added to the Book of Mormon mobile app.

In a statement from the First Presidency announcing the availability of the Book of Mormon in Malay, the First Presidency said, “We encourage members to obtain their own copies of the scriptures and to use them in regular personal and family study and in Church meetings and assignments. As members prayerfully learn and teach from the scriptures, their testimonies will grow and they will receive greater direction in their daily lives.”