Church Donates Medical Equipment in Uruguay

  • 4 February 2014

Church representatives and administrators from Montevideo’s Enrique Claveaux Health Center participate in a ceremony in which the Church donated sophisticated eye care equipment to the facility.  Photo courtesy of the South America South Area.

The generosity of Latter-day Saints is helping to build both new friendships and improved health in Uruguay.

The Church recently donated medical equipment to two hospitals in the capital city of Montevideo. The equipment will allow physicians to better care for patients battling cancer and eye disease.

Eye doctors at the Enrique Claveaux Health Center can more effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat eye disease, thanks to a new refractometer that the Church donated. The ophthalmic instrument utilizes computerized refractometry to provide precise eye health diagnosis and assist with treatment options.

The donated machine will also allow many more patients to receive advanced eye care, including pediatric patients.

Grateful hospital administrators accepted the Church’s gift at a recent ceremony at the Enrique Claveaux center. Uruguay Montevideo Flores Stake President Raul Orlando represented the Church at the ceremony.

Meanwhile, oncology specialists from Montevideo’s Edison Camacho Hospital recently began utilizing chemotherapy equipment that was also donated by the Church.

“This equipment will help us in the care of cancer patients,” said hospital administrator Elena Soba, adding that there were many patients who were unable to receive care prior to this donation.

Ms. Soba thanked the Church for its generosity and relayed the appreciation of the many who would be served by the gift.

Local Church officials noted there are many such humanitarian projects in Uruguay and the other South American countries. They added it is a pleasure to be able to make this donation to the hospital’s chemotherapy ward.