Church Logo Published in More Than 100 Languages

Contributed By Chelsee Niebergall, Church News and Events

  • 23 May 2011

Article Highlights

  • The Church logo is now published in more than 100 languages.
  • The Church’s name and logo are important Church identifiers. They are registered trademarks or are otherwise protected worldwide.
  • Members should follow guidelines in using the name of the Church and the logotype.

With the recent releases of the logo of the Church in Bosnian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Persian, Tshiluba, and Yapese, the Church identifier has now been published in more than 100 languages.

The growing number of languages into which the Church's logo has been translated is simply a reflection of the Church's growth around the world.

The project began in December 1995, when President Gordon B. Hinckley (1910–2008) directed that a new Church logo be adopted. The logo was designed so that the name of the Savior was the most prominent feature in the Church’s official name and has been translated into various languages since.

Because the Church’s name and logotype are important identifiers—and because they are registered trademarks or otherwise protected worldwide—the Church has created guidelines for appropriately using the name and logotype of the Church.

Local units may use the written name of the Church (not the logotype) when all of the following conditions are met:

  • The activity or function with which the name is associated is officially sponsored by the unit—for example, in a sacrament meeting program.
  • The name of the local unit is used as a prelude to the name of the Church.
  • The typeface does not imitate or resemble that of the official Church logotype.

The Church’s official logotype is to be used only for items approved by the Correlation Department at Church headquarters, such as the following:

  • Official Church publications and stationery
  • Missionary name tags
  • Meetinghouse exterior signs

The logotype may not be used as a decorative element or a computer screensaver. It also cannot be used in any personal, commercial, or promotional way.

The importance of the Church's name stems from the fact that it was given to Joseph Smith through revelation in 1838. The revelation can be found in Doctrine and Covenants 115:4.