Church Supports Interfaith Memorial Service for Marikana Deaths

  • 24 August 2012

Pastor Makhafola,  Convenor National Interfaith Counsel of South Africa (NICSA) Gauteng, and  Sheila Mbele,  National Treasurer NICSA, with Sean Donnelly, Church National Public Affairs Director for South Africa, following the Memorial Services.

Over 40 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints attended an Interfaith memorial service for those who died last week near Marikana, South Africa.  Church member Sean Donnelly offered the opening prayer at the Johannesburg service on Thursday, August 23.

The event was organised by NICSA (National Interfaith Council of South Africa).  Dr Mothole Motshekga, chief whip of the majority party, attended and spoke on behalf of the government. 

Attendees at Memorial Service

Representatives of many faiths were present.  “It was colourful, spiritual, and ultimately a uniting of faith”, commented Sean Donnelly.

The deaths occurred last week near the town of Marikana in the Northwest Province of South Africa.